Claiming the Wolf by Ellie Pond

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She ran away once, and he nailed his heart shut…

Gigi’s got plenty of secrets. Like how she’s married to her job, literally. The Order called on her family for a tribute, and she answered. Even more, secrets surround her not-so-deceased boss, who’s entrusted her to keep his location hidden from The Order. But through it all, she’s never forgotten her first love.

Wallis remembers exactly how he felt when Gigi told him she was marrying a man she barely knew and moving to the West Coast. Wallis never told her what he’d found out at his wolf pack adulthood ceremony—that they’re fated mates. He’s kept the secret to himself through the years.

Eighteen years later, she’s standing in the lobby of the Dark Wing cruise ship where Wallis works. Her couture exterior didn’t match the shredding she’d done on Wallis’s youthful heart.

Fate has brought Wallis and Gigi back together on the Dark Wing cruise ship. Now, can he stay away from her for the whole cruise to protect his shattered heart? Or will Gigi’s secrets turn both their worlds upside down?

Titles in the Dark Wing Paranormal Cruise series include — Resisting the Bear —♥— Claiming the Wolf —♥— Courting the Bear —♥— Redeeming the Dragon —♥— Taming the Bear —♥— Defying the Dragon —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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*Previously published as “My Not So Funny Valentine”.

Title:  Claiming the Wolf
Series:  Dark Wing Paranormal Cruise #2
Author:  Ellie Pond
Published:  February 27, 2023 (original 2020)
My Rating:  4.5

Claiming the Wolf is the second title in the Dark Wing Paranormal Cruise series (which is part of a larger world).  I loved what we saw of Wallis (Wally) in the first book of this series and didn’t think I could love him any more than I had… but here we are.  We got the idea that Wally was hiding a secret heartache in Resisting the Bear, and now we get to meet the woman who unwillingly broke both of their hearts when she answered her family’s obligation to The Order.

It’s not like she had any other choice when she told Wally that she was moving away to marry practically a stranger… and she knew that love was something she’d never feel again.  Gigi didn’t know officially that they were fated mates, but her heart had told her that Wally was the only one for her.  She never thought she’d have the bad luck (and emotionally devastating luck) to run into Wally again… yet, here they are, trapped on a cruise ship, with the woman she’s assigned to wanting to take a personal bite out of Gigi’s man.  Sorta.  Kinda.  It’s complicated.

And it’s those “complications” that will keep this review a bit vague because I really believe that those details you need to come upon on your own.  I won’t spoil them for you.  Promise.

I loved the way that Gigi and Wally reconnected.  That may sound strange when Mandi practically had her claws out for Wally the moment she caught sight of him… but the reality is that this fated couple has found their way to be in the same place at the same time, and perhaps can right a wrong that was done to them both almost two decades ago.  While it might have been easy to dislike Mandi from the start, she showed me a different side, and I couldn’t help but wish her well with her own fated mate.  Secrets tore Gigi and Wally apart years ago, and if she’s not careful, she will allow that to happen all over again… and it’s simply not fair that she’s given her life for a purpose that helps others yet still is not free of those secrets.

I loved the interactions between Wally and Gigi.  Hesitant, joyful, afraid, sensuous, all that and so much more as these two fight their way back to each other for their lifetime as fated mates.  There are a few surprises, and while I dislike very strongly the idea that The Order carries such power to disrupt lives at a moment’s notice, it still makes for an emotional, intriguing journey for Wally and Gigi.  I enjoyed myself in this world, and I’ll definitely be continuing the series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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