Claiming the Wolf Princess by Cecilia Lane

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Brokenhearted, non-shifter Rory Conri returns home to the Wolfden enclave. There’s only one thing she knows will help take her mind off of her ex: the annual Summer Solstice Ball. But those plans are shattered when her parents, the Wolf King, and his Consort, forbid her from attending. Their refusal stems from the fear of her curse—a ruinous birthright that prophesized the downfall of the Conri line the day Rory takes a mate. 

Determined, Rory sneaks into the ball anyway. There’s no reason for them to worry. Conri’s only mate wolves and no one would ever want a non-shifter without a wolf inside. But when a tall and ripped masked stranger claims that she’s his mate, Rory questions the life of solitude that her parents have thrust upon her. 

Adrien Bloodwing hates suits and masks, and he especially hates balls. Forced to attend by his dragon clan leader, Adrien dreads every second he’s at the Summer Solstice Ball until the fleeting scent of his mate catches his attention. He is immediately drawn in by her sultry curves and shocked when she tells him about some silly curse she carries. It’s a lie. At least he believed it was before she practically dropped dead in his arms after an innocent kiss. 

With Rory whisked away, Adrien is determined to save and protect his mate while also clearing his name of murder. But things only darken as the pair begin to unravel the lies of Rory’s past. Together, the two will have to face an evil that has haunted her entire life or forever be torn apart. 

This title (novella) is part of the Shifting Destinies universe.  More titles in this universe can be found on the Cecilia Lane page.

This title is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Claiming the Wolf Princess
Series:  Shifting Destinies universe novella
Author:  Cecilia Lane
Published:  June 6, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

CLAIMING THE WOLF PRINCESS is part of the Shifting Destinies universe.  While this story is novella length it does pack a powerful tale into that smaller framework.  There is a point where this story has a strong Sleeping Beauty feel to it – and that unusual twist is part of the reason why I will always turn to a story by Cecilia Lane.

Rory is a princess born into a shifter family yet has never shifted into or felt her wolf form.  Unfortunately, she was cursed at birth by a Fae and her parents strongly believe in that curse and have practically abandoned Rory who is seen as less than any other member of the pack and is often looked down upon in pity or completely dismissed as unimportant because, after all, that’s how her parents – the King and Queen – treat her.  Only her brother, Finn stands with her, and even then when it’s convenient for him.  She’s returned home a day early due to some drama in Denver and she’s going to go to the Summer Solstice Ball even if her parents forbid it.  She has no idea that defying them is going to change her world forever.

Adrien is everything I adore about dragon shifters.  Handsome and sexy, of course, but prideful in a strong way, determined to protect his mate at any cost, and stubborn until the end of time.  He’s going to need all of those qualities as he fights for his mate against all odds.

I had a very good time with CLAIMING THE WOLF PRINCESS.  It’s a quick-ish read but the story is compelling, Rory and Adrian are richly described characters who just work as a couple.  There is a very real danger, questions finally answered, and an eventual happy ending for our couple.  If you love a good Shifter Romance then this is one you’ll want to check out.

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