Critical Intelligence by Mandy M. Roth

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When loyalties are questioned and bonds forged, the Immortal Ops find themselves fighting a war to guard not only their secrets but their lives as well.

Missy Carter leads a rather boring, overworked life as a system analyst for the State Department or rather, that’s what she lets everyone believe. In reality, her life is anything but boring. As a Shadow Agent with the Paranormal Security and Intelligence, she’s seen and done it all. Intelligence is her specialty, assassination is her hobby. The only problem is that the things she spies on don’t die easily. In fact, some of them were dead, to begin with. She’s learned to handle anything life can throw at her. That is until the biggest paramilitary pain her backside shows up again. Lucky for him, he’s good looking.

Roi Majors, wolf-shifter and second in command of the I-Ops, is having a hard time believing that Intel can only get half the information needed to bring down an underground ring of vampires with big-spending backers who are hell-bent on creating a race of supernaturals with multiple strands of DNA in them. When he finds himself paired with the one woman in the world who seems immune to his self-proclaimed charms, he can’t wait to see her to safety and then bid her good riddance. He never counted on falling in love with her. And he sure in the hell never counted on her claiming to be an agent with a branch of the government no human should know about.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Immortal Ops series include –Immortal Ops – Critical Intelligence – Radar Deception – Strategic Vulnerability – Tactical Magik – Administrative Control – Separation Zone – Area of Influence.

This series is part of an entire world that consists of several relating series.  There is a suggested reading list (by the author) on our Cross-Over Series page.  I’d highly recommend reading them in that order, if possible because they all do blend together – a lot.

Series that connect: Immortal Ops — PSI Ops (Paranormal Security & Intelligence) — Crimson Ops — Shadow Agents — Immortal Outcasts

Title:  Critical Intelligence
Series:  Immortal Ops #2
Author:  Mandy M. Roth
Published:  October 6, 2015 (original January 2005)
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Critical Intelligence‘ is the second title in the ‘Immortal Ops‘ series.  I’ll admit that I didn’t like Roi much in the first, introductory, story of this series.  He is depicted as a man-whore who suffers from a serious condition known as ‘insert his foot in his mouth at the wrong moment’ disorder.  He’s charming as all get out, and deadly when needed… but his attitude toward females didn’t settle well with me.  Oh, I know full well from numerous Paranormal or Shifter Romance stories that the “man-whore” is usually given that title for a reason beyond a need of a constantly changing line of women – so going into Roi’s and Missy’s story I had the attitude of ‘prove yourself worthy to me’.  I did.  I admit it.

Fact is – Roi did prove himself worthy of his lady and so much more, over time… but he still, and probably always will insert foot in that mouth at the wrong time, forever, it’s just Roi.  But, man, did I ever love the way Missy makes him pay for that in so many ways.  Yeah, his lady is one badass on her own and Roi has finally met his match in his mate.

Most of what you’d want to know before picking up ‘Critical Intelligence‘ can be found in the Cover Description blurb.  What isn’t there is the intensity between Roi and Missy on so many levels.  Yes, the sexiness, steamy chemistry is off the charts hot enough to melt your Kindle – but the need to protect, even when mad as a hornet is there as well, the wanting the one they love to accept them and love them just as they are is strong even if Missy will try to hide those facts from Roi for a very long time.  The danger is intense, the villains completely vile, the story is fast-paced, action-filled, and held me captive until the final page… and beyond, for now, I, once again, need to know more.

This second book in the series begins to show us how characters from the future series are being drawn into each other’s orbits early on.  We’ll meet characters who will have their complete tale told in their own story later on in the series, but for now, they’re secondary characters that bring this story alive with intensity, emotions, and intent.  So, this is a series (actually the beginning of a world with several series in it) that needs to be read in order, at the least – or following the author’s recommended reading order.

If you love a good Romantic Suspense of the Paranormal kind full of sexiness, action, and (for the most part) likable characters then you need this story and these series in your life.  I loved ‘Critical Intelligence‘ and will continue binge-reading these series to get up-to-date.

I own a Kindle edition of this title in a book bundle of the first 4 titles.

Available in audio or for the Kindle