Desirable by Elle Thorne

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DesirableTitle:  Desirable
Series:  Only After Dark #1
Author:  Elle Thorne
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  August 19, 2015
Publisher:  Barbed Borders Press
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

The last time he saw her he promised to spank her curvy derriere. This time, he may do a lot more than that!

Curvalicious Natalya thought she’d never have to grow up. And then she met Lézare. The man who makes her want to be the woman she’s never been. Except his family hates her, and as far as she knows, he does too. So the only option she has is to go to the Shifter Masquerade Ball in disguise.

Lézare desires Natalya. There’s something about this spunky, sassy, mouthy, pouty curvy girl.

Sexy, erotic adult romance – for readers over 18 years old please

Read on for my thoughts on Desirable.  No true spoilers, promise.

Natalya was a spoiled brat, equally ready to stomp her feet and have a hissy fit to get her way as she was inclined to flirt her way to a successful wish.  She was an overindulged spoiled, entitled, rich, troublemaking brat.  Right up until the moment she laid eyes on Lezare.  The man who quickened her breath, her pulse and her tigress.  The man who dared to turn her over his knee – and she didn’t doubt that he would again for one moment.

Natalya had changed.  Oh, she didn’t expect anyone to believe that.  Not from the way she had acted in the past.  Yet, she had gone to school, worked to quiet and control her temper and worked at a homeless shelter where she learned another lesson in humility.  If there was one thing she longed for it was Lezare.  The shifter who could tame her in an instant if he only tried.  The mate that she believed she’d never have.  Well, perhaps she’d not be welcomed at his home considering her past, but she was determined to attend the annual masquerade ball put on by the Arceneaux family year after year.  She wouldn’t actually approach him – just to be near him would be enough… or so she tried to tell herself.

Lezare knew that Natalya was his mate.  He didn’t expect to be able to claim her.  That hellion had given herself a very bad name with his sisters and his extended family.  But, still… if it were only possible he’d have her bonded claimed in a heartbeat.

There was a family connection in one of the older, sweet residents of the  homeless shelter that Natalya volunteered at.  As she learned more about Ms Claudette she knew that somehow she would need to bring Lezare  to his relative and soon as Ms Claudette was fading fast.  Events happen as they should and soon Natalya would have all the answers she’d ever need.

Desirable is a steamy, sexy romance between to strong, prideful and passionate shifters.  It is also the beginning of the Arceneaux branch of shifters stories to be told.  There are many more adventures for this family to embrace.

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