DNF Titles & Reasons

To do a DNF on any book isn’t necessarily because it’s not a good story, not engaging, not worth reading time — often it’s because that book just isn’t resonating with me at that moment in time.  It could be because of world events that parallel the story in ways I’m not comfortable with, or that I’m simply not in the mood for that particular style of Shifter Romance… the reasons are many, and there are actually few that I completely DNF because the story itself was bad.  So, I’ll often set them aside, return them with the idea of going back one day when the books better fit my mood.  Well, that’s hard to do if I don’t know the title or the whys of not reading it.

This is the reason for this particular page, mainly for my own reading guides on what to go look for again at a later date.  I know that often readers will flock to a DNF’d book or a 1-star book because what one person hates they love… and while that might be the ultimate case, it’s not the reason I’m keeping this list, but if it helps you – that’s great.

The title will be linked by an Amazon Affiliate link back to the book on Amazon (I get many of my Shifter Romances through my Kindle Unlimited subscription at Amazon) so that if you do want to check it out for yourself it’s easier… and so that I can quickly go pick it up again when I’m ready to dive back into that world.  So.  Let’s begin:

Professor Wolf by J.L. Wilder —  This one is completely a mood of the moment DNF.  I cannot connect to a strong, stubborn Alpha college professor and a rebellious Omega (who doesn’t want to be an Omega) college student right now.  Right now, one ‘class’ of Shifter telling another ‘class’ why they should submit to their place in the pack without question just isn’t going over very well in my head.  This story begins a series that I would probably enjoy… at another time.