Dragon Released by Terry Bolryder

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She bakes cupcakes. He bakes bad guys. Together, they’ll face incomprehensible evil, experience soul-searing romance…and take care of one hapless pug.

Dallin the emerald dragon knows he’s been bad. After all, he almost did the unthinkable in his quest to save his dragon brethren from fae tyranny. Now he’s trapped in the human world, his emerald dragon powers have been restrained, and he has to protect a single woman who’s as soft as the cakes she bakes. Too bad just being near her is giving Dallin all sorts of ideas he has no business entertaining.

Johanna had no clue just how much her life was going to change when Dallin the dragon showed up on her doorstep, promising his protection and awakening her to a deep wanting she’d never experienced. But even though her life’s taking an unexpected turn for the better, there are people after both of them, and all of it’s linked to a past that Dallin can’t talk about.

Fun days and sensual, sleepless nights between the lovers give Dallin the distinct impression that maybe he’s found the one–his mate. But even though a life with Johanna could make the unredeemable dragon happier than he could stand, there’s still something broken inside him that he can’t fix. And if he doesn’t learn to let Jo in and trust his heart, an unstoppable force from the darkness may destroy everything they hold dear.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Reclaimed Dragons series include — Dragon Released -Dragon Redeemed –Dragon Reformed –

These series have a growing connection to the other dragon series within Ms. Bolryder’s dragon world.  Please visit the Terry Bolryder page for a more complete listing of connecting series.

Title:  Dragon Released
Series:  Reclaimed Dragons #1
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  July 16, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I am always excited to begin a new series set in Ms. Bolryder’s dragon connecting world.  ‘Dragon Released‘, is the first title in the ‘Reclaimed Dragons‘ series, and definitely shares a connection with the ‘Wings, Wands & Soul Bonds‘ series.  All of these series interconnect in so many ways that you’ll never be certain just who you might run into.  We will, briefly, run into an old dragon friend – and what good memories he brought back.  That is why I so often suggest reading long connecting series in order – you never know when you might see an old book friend once again.

Dallin is a unique dragon shifter for he is a hybrid, part dragon, part fae, or at least that was what the experiment on him was supposed to bring out in him.  But so far he’s successfully fought against that possibility for his hatred of the Light Fae, of how they imprisoned him, his friends, and dragons across their world have become so overpowering to the point of dismissing anything or anyone that has Fae blood.  Unfortunately, that includes his friends, his mentors… and his mate, his soul bond for she is a soon to manifest Fae who is under his protection.  And he will be torn by the cry of his dragon stating that Jo is his mate when… she’s about to become a full Fae.

Jo is goodness.  It’s that simple.  She is a delight, loves her career as an online chef with her specialty of baking delicious treats.  Jo sees the good in everything, everyone and believing in this silliness just isn’t possible.  She wasn’t certain if she should be amused or angry at the presentation package she received about becoming something called a beacon (whatever the heck that was).  Several times she was tempted to just toss it but something kept holding her back.  So she really shouldn’t have been surprised (after all, she’d been told in that paperwork to expect one) when her protector showed up in all of his dragon glory.

Dallin is dark.  There is a good reason for him to have that personality, that life perspective knowing what has been done to him.  Yet, I will admit there were times when I wanted to give him a good smack upside the head or a stern talking to.  His inner dialogue with himself/his dragon over how horrible a person he is, how he can never be redeemed, how hatred is the only emotion he can feel became repetitive.  In my opinion, that conflict went on a bit too long.  Again, that’s my opinion but it did not take anything away from how much I enjoyed the story or loved the characters (well, aside from the obvious villains).  Readers are allowed to have those opinions since we all bring individuality to every single book we read which is unique to us alone.

The sexual chemistry and tensions were high, the danger obvious enough to feel it, wait for it to drop, and the secondary characters were given just enough time in the spotlight for me to be looking forward to their stories being told.  In all, I had a blast with ‘Dragon Released‘ and if you love Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance then you’ll be wanting to add this series to your collection.

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