Dragon’s Surrogate by Sky Winters

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Looking for a job? The Shifter Surrogate Service is hiring! And this playboy dragon shifter needs a baby—no strings attached.

I want a baby, not a mate. I am far too good for just one girl. A relationship is too much hassle, and I need a way to carry on my shifter lineage. When Mystic matched the correct blood type, I thought she’d make the perfect surrogate. Only problem is, I didn’t expect to have feelings for her. And seeing my baby grown inside of her, only makes me want her more. 

I’ve had terrible luck with men. My last marriage ended with me in jail. But a handsome playboy offering me a large sum of money to be his surrogate… why not!? That’s just what I need to pull myself out of the gutter. Besides how hard could carrying a dragon in my belly really be? Except, I didn’t realize there would be so much more to this handsome playboy, and as his baby grows inside of me, these feelings only become stronger

Titles in the Shifter Surrogate Service series includes:  Dragon’s Surrogate – Wolf’s Surrogate –

Title:  Dragon’s Surrogate
Series:  Shifter Surrogate Service #1
Author:  Sky Winters
Published:  April 17, 2018
My Rating:  3 stars

Dragon’s Surrogate was one of those stories that was equal parts enjoyable and frustrating for me, which is why it got the 3 star rating.

The enjoyable parts were Mystic’s initial introduction in the story – she really got a raw deal from her no good now former husband, and her sassy-ness and pure desperate guts got me solidly on her side right from the start.  So much so that I completely understood her reasons for taking on the job of surrogate, she was desperate, she’d been taken to the cleaners by her ex and now was pretty much penniless and homeless thanks to his shenanigans  And then we met Rocco…

I could never get enough of a feel for Rocco to hate him or to love him.  He certainly comes off cold and indifferent at first, slightly warms up and then goes back to the cold shoulder..  I’ve been reading Shifter Romance for years so the insta-love is nothing new to me, in fact I sort of expect it in this genre… but this relationship went from tolerating each other to boom I’m in love with you.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t stretch my imagination to buy it.

There’s danger, brought on by a move that any horror movie audience would have been yelling at Mystic not to do.. but she did and there were consequences.  That brought on a few more explanations and what appears to be a quick wrapping up of the story.  And then… I’m finding myself in a dom/sub scene that is totally out of the blue and it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the story.  I just… no, it didn’t work for me.

On my Kindle this story ended at the 17% mark, there are two bonus stories that I did not read.  This is why I don’t read everything by Sky Winters, and I mean no disrespect by this comment – I either love her story or I’m indifferent to it, the feelings I get from this author’s works are not consistent in my enjoyment.  That is on me and the style of story that I personally enjoy.  There is an audience that will love Dragon’s Surrogate, for me it was an okay read – I’m not certain yet if I will continue this series.

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