Engaging His Mate by Rayna Tyler

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Living in a secluded area of Alaska isn’t exactly conducive to finding a mate, not when Braden’s bear has no interest in any of the local females. Resigned to living the rest of his life alone, he spends his days fishing—his greatest pleasure—and working at his family’s tackle shop. His content enough existence is disrupted when his cousin, a male intent on searching for his mate, tells him they’ll be spending their next vacation at a dude ranch in Wyoming. One that caters to shapeshifters.

Never mind that Braden has never traveled out of state or that he knows nothing about horses. It’s a little hard to say “no” when his envious male friends think it’s a great idea and he finds out his soon to be ex-cousin used his credit card to pay for the non-refundable trip.

For Casey, having to run her family’s vacation ranch after her father’s death is difficult. Dealing with the owner of a rival ranch who is determined to ruin her business even more challenging. Add in the possibility of losing her home because of some crazy stipulation in her father’s will, one which requires at least one of his daughters to provide proof of a husband by a specific date, and things get much, much worse.

With time running out, Casey has no choice but to accept the help of one of her guests. The handsome stranger has intense dark eyes, a drool-worthy body, and happens to love fishing as much as she does. Best of all, he wants to be her groom, so what could possibly go wrong?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Crescent Canyon Shifters series include — Engaging His Mate

Title:  Engaging His Mate
Series:  Crescent Canyon Shifters #1
Author:  Rayna Tyler
Published:  July 30, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Okay, pardon me while I do a bit of gushing here.  I absolutely loved this first, introductory story in the ‘Crescent Canyon Shifters‘ series.  Braden and Casey were perfect for each other from that first meeting and that fact was proven over and over again throughout their story, ‘Engaging His Mate‘.

Pretty much everything you’d need to know before picking up this book can be found in the Cover Description.  What that doesn’t tell you is the level of emotions, and perhaps the range of emotions that you’ll be going through as you discover this ranch with a complicated history, a family that must meet the stipulations of a will, and a guest who becomes so much more upon his first visit to this vacation spot in Wyoming… which is a far cry from Alaska.

Casey is strong, a bit stubborn, but willing to listen (which isn’t always the case with heroes or heroines, right?).  She’s fighting for her family ranch with the odds stacked against them from the start.  But she’s not going down without a determined fight.  Too bad the handsome, sexy stranger decided to book a vacation right now when she’s distracted… or maybe Braden’s timing was just perfect.

Braden is a sweetheart, a sexy sweetheart in fact.  I adored this man from the beginning even before he and his cousin reached the ranch for his true colors were showing when he first learned of this unexpected trip.  I simply fell more in love with him along the way to his, and Casey’s happy ending.

There are vile villains to be ousted and defeated, a ranch to be saved, a family to fall in love with, and one swoon-worthy couple to watch working their way to acknowledging what they already knew… mates forever.  I had such a good time with ‘Engaging His Mate‘ and I cannot wait for the next book in this series to be released.  Soon?  Please?

If you love a really good love story, confrontations to be made with underlying danger around each corner, meeting an interesting family, and watching two people fall in love in spite of the circumstances surrounding them at the moment… then you’ll want to pick up ‘Engaging His Mate‘ and get started on a brand new series, ‘Crescent Canyon Shifters‘ – like, now.

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