Fake Fiancée Mate by Harmony Raines

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Can he convince his fake fiancée their love is real?

Rock star bear shifter, Travis Cooper, has made mistakes. Plenty of mistakes. But those mistakes are in the past. And that is where they must stay because he’s trying to adopt Izzy, the daughter of one of his best friends who sadly passed away.

There’s just one big problem. Or maybe two.

First, the man who claims to be Izzy’s biological father is fighting Travis for custody. Although, Travis is convinced the guy is only after the fortune Izzy’s mom left her. Second, someone set him up. The media is full of fake news articles about him. Articles that would not be looked on favorably by the courts. He does not need that kind of scandal. Not now. So his best friend suggests he finds a fake fiancée.

Kate needs money. Her brother has been set up and is facing jail time if she can’t prove his innocence. But good layers come with a big price tag. The kind of money she just doesn’t have. But her boss comes up with an idea. It’s simple. All she has to do is pretend to be Travis Copper’s fiancée. The Travis Cooper. How hard can it be?

When Travis and Kate meet, they both realize there is nothing fake about their feelings for each other.

But, with so much to lose, can they afford to take a chance on love? Will Travis be forced to choose between his mate or the child he’s promised to love and protect?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in The Single Shift series (quick, fun, Shifter Romances that can stand on their own) include — Fake Date MateFake Fiancée Mate

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Title:  Fake Fiancée Mate
Series:  The Single Shift #2
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  July 5, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Fake Fiancée Mate’ is a delicious, fun, sexy, intense story that will capture your heart but also keep you flipping pages to figure out how they deal with the danger they are both facing in differing ways.

Travis needs to find a way to keep Izzy’s so-called biological father from taking her away from him.  He’s loved this little one since her birth, and now he’s her guardian who intends to adopt Izzy, but a sleazebag that is only after Izzy’s inheritance is standing in the way of their future.  When his friend comes up with an incredulous idea, Travis actually begins to think about it.  A fake fiancée might give him the edge he needs with the courts but what happens when he meets his actual mate one day, lives are going to be torn apart should that happen… but right now Izzy’s happiness and safety has to overrule any other situation.  Reluctantly, Travis will agree to meet Kate – and lives are about to be changed.

Kate’s younger brother is in jail, accused of something he would never, ever be a part of but proving his innocence isn’t going to be easy or affordable.  When her boss/her friend and her husband make a crazy suggestion Kate will scoff at first, but soon the idea has possibilities.  A fake engagement, money enough to pay for the best lawyers for her brother – how can she possibly turn that down?  With lots of questions (and demands), Kate will meet this famous rock star and see for herself if this crazy idea is even possible.  What she didn’t expect was a down-to-earth, nice man who obviously loves a little girl to the moon and back.  Plus, there’s just something about Travis that pulls her in his direction.  It might be crazy and full of unseen events but she’s about to risk a lot in order to save her brother and a sweet little girl.

I was easily and quickly caught up in ‘Fake Fiancée Mate’ with just enough tension, attraction, and danger to keep me flipping pages rather quickly.  There were times when I did want to sit Kate down for a stern talking to… but then she’s human and has no idea of mates or the lifelong bond they share.  Travis, well, I simply adored this man with a heart so big, a grounded lifestyle in spite of his fame, simply wanting to love a little girl like his own and find his mate.  They are well suited and I definitely liked them both together and individually.  Kate might have been a bit slower to admit to her attraction for Travis or to believe that this wasn’t just some elaborate trap by a crazy rocker – but eventually, she began to see the real man and not the tabloid titles.

There is danger, fast-paced action sections, steamy, sizzling sexy times, and family that matters more than just about anything.  I had a blast with Kate and Travis, and if you love a good Shifter Romance then I’m betting you will, too.

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