Falcon’s Heart by C.D. Gorri

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Hank Garret doesn’t need any help finding a mate. But tell that to his Aunt Gerri!

Gerri Wilder, the prolific matchmaker extraordinaire in the Shifter world, has had it up to here with her honorary nephew’s refusals to use her services. She knows the
Falcon Shifter will never find true happiness unless he learns to embrace one truth.

He needs his mate, and luckily, Gerri knows exactly who the lucky female is!

Annabeth Golden of the Blue Valley Pride is one frustrated Lioness. So, what if her sister almost castrated her high school boyfriend for being unfaithful? Was that really cause to make her persona non grata with the entire Pride?

When she runs into Gerri Wilder, the famous owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency, Annabeth has hit the jackpot. Or so she thinks.

But what happens when the cranky Falcon claims he doesn’t want a mate? Can this cat bag her bird?

Titles in the Tower Hearts series include — Falcon’s Heart –

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This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Falcon’s Heart
Series:  Tower Hearts #1 (PDA world)
Author:  C.D. Gorri
Published:  April 21, 2021
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Falcon’s Heart is a delicious, sexy tale of fated mates – one accepting and ready for love, the other, well, stubborn, dismissive of fate, and determined to fulfill an unrealistic promise even though hearts will break if he does.

We’ve run into Hank often within the PDA World, he is Gerri Wilder’s favorite limo driver… and also her honorary nephew, so she knows exactly how stubborn and clinging to an old promise (that never should have been pledged in the first place) Hank can be.  Now, Gerri knows she’s found his fated mate, the challenge, in pure Gerri fashion, will be to get this bullheaded falcon shifter to see reality and not turn away from his mate, and his future.

Annabeth is a lioness shifter, a woman completely comfortable in her own skin, she’s successful, playful, outspoken, and has grown up with siblings and a mother who know exactly how to live life to the fullest… pranks included.  She’s being sent to a convention, unexpectedly for work, and she’s coming into her heat which will have strong complications on this trip.  Annabeth “accidentally” runs into Gerri Wilder at the airport (Annabeth does not do flights well) and ends up spilling not only the contents of her purse but her tale of heat-induced neediness, shall we say.  With a brief conversation, Gerri already knows exactly who Annabeth is – and who her fated mate is… it’s time for Hank to come face to face with his destiny.

I absolutely adored Annabeth.  She’s sassy, snarky, sexy, and completely what Hank needs in his life.  Hank… well, he needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, but spending these few days with Annabeth as he drives her to her destination will help that along.  I laughed out loud so often, I think I had a constant snort-giggle caught in my throat throughout Falcon’s Heart.  Admittedly there were times I so wanted to set Hank down for a stern talking to, but learning his history tempered that just a bit.  I had fun here, I’m looking forward to the next story in this series.  And if you love a sexy, laugh-out-loud tale that will engage your emotions then this one is perfect for you.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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