Her Alpha Dragon Protector by Brittany White

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I’ve been running my entire life, and I never found a place where I felt safe. Until I found Snow Haven.

Shifters, witches, and others have been trying to kill me my entire life – but not for anything I’ve done. It’s because of who I am. I’m a very powerful witch.

Some want to capture me because they want to use me and use my magic for their own benefit. Some want to kill me because they are afraid that I will get in the way of their evil magic. One wants me out of the way because he thinks I’m encroaching on his territory – the alpha of the dragon clan.

Snow Haven was supposed to be my safe haven, a place to hide until I turned twenty-one when my magical powers would grow exponentially and I would be the most powerful witch to exist in more than a century. The hunters have found me even here, and they threaten the lives of those I love most — including Luke.

Luke, the alpha of his dragon clan, saved me while I was being attacked. Then, he demanded answers. When he learned of the danger I was in, he appointed himself my protector. The chemistry between us was instant.

His touch, his kisses, and his love were overwhelming. He captured my heart and my soul.

Even as the rogue shifters, evil witches, and one very jealous dragon shifter try to destroy me and those I love most, I can’t make myself leave.

A bear shifter who was my mother’s best friend.  A pit bull who is my familiar and best friend.  A dragon shifter, the alpha of his clan, and the love of my life.

I knew I should leave Snow Haven and disappear to protect those I’ve come to love. Yet, I was compelled to stay.

Every day, the evil grew and threatened to destroy me. Could I live long enough to save those I love and find true happiness with my soulmate?

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This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Her Alpha Dragon Protector
Series:  Snow Haven Shifters #1
Author:  Brittany White
Published:  November 21, 2022
My Rating:  4

Her Alpha Dragon Protector begins the Snow Haven Shifters with an interesting romance between a witch on the run for her life, and the dragon shifter alpha of the small, magical town she’s run to for sanctuary.  Rowena and her pit bull familiar, Poseidon, have traveled the world, staying (for the most part) one step ahead of those who would capture her because of her unique magical abilities or see her dead.  She just has to reach her birthday in a few weeks’ time when her complete abilities descend upon her and from that point onward, she’s protected and so very capable of handling anything that comes her way… but she has to survive until her birthday, and that’s looking less likely with every day that passes.

In Snow Haven, she’s run to her mother’s friend for sanctuary in the final weeks leading up to her birthday.  She knows those witches and shifters who are always on her heels will eventually find her here; in fact, they’re already beginning to show up in town.  But she and Poseidon are making their last stand here.  The last thing she expected to find was the alpha dragon shifter, Luke… her mate.  And while she’s fallen, quite easily in love with this protective man, she also will not allow the town to be destroyed or others harmed because of her.

Luke and Rowena make an intriguing couple, both powerful in their own ways.  Witty, with banter flowing between them often, with an underlying sexual awareness that cannot be denied… and they do not deny that chemistry at all.  There are some powerful enemies to be dealt with, one jealous ‘mean girl’ and her crew as well.  But there are also those who would defend Rowena and Poseidon for all the right reasons, let alone that she is the mate of their alpha.

I enjoyed their storyline, while admittedly I did do a lot of skimming in some areas.  Frankly, I’ve come back to this author after years of not picking up her books to see if I can finish one of her more recent series.  That’s not to say that the previous stories that I have read weren’t good – they simply weren’t in a style that I enjoy as her descriptive prose isn’t exactly my cup of tea.  I mean, there’s well endowed, and then there’s… well if you’ve read this one then you know what I’m referring to.  Not even for a dragon shifter could I imagine that.  I did enjoy the story, the villains, definitely Poseiden, and, in general, their sexy moments (minus some of those descriptions).  I’ll return to see what the next story brings us.

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