Her Cougar Cowboy by Moxie North

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Genevieve Mason has the job she’s always wanted. As a buyer for Saks’ exclusive plus-size fashion line… she gets paid to shop, and there’s nothing she’d change about her life. Except maybe one thing. On a whim, she decides to reach out to Gerri at the Paranormal Dating Agency. At worst she’d have a few dates with some hot shifters, and if her luck was really good, she might wind up with something completely unexpected – a mate. 

Brooks Alder wasn’t looking for love. Sure, every shifter was on the hunt for their mate, but he was busy enough with his ranch to be able to forget what was missing in his life. A mate, cubs… a family.. When a friend offered to sign him up for the Paranormal Dating Agency, he didn’t say yes but he also didn’t say no. 

At Gerri’s prompting, Genevieve booked a stay at the Northwind Spa to relax and prepare herself to find her soulmate. But when the spa turns out to be a dude ranch run by one of the hottest cowboys she’s ever laid eyes on, Vivi has to make the best of a bad situation. Who knows, true love might be waiting just around the corner.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – in other words, there’s going to be sex involved in this story – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Her Cougar Cowboy is written in the Paranormal Dating Agency World… those titles can be found on our Paranormal Dating Agency ~ M. T. Worlds Press page.  Moxie North’s titles can be found on her page at Moxie North.

Title:  Her Cougar Cowboy
Series:  Paranormal Dating Agency World
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  August 3, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Genevieve is as city girl as a woman can get.  She’s at home in the fast city life, with her career well established she’s now looking to fulfill another goal… fall in love.  She knows what she doesn’t want, and turns to Gerri Wilder for that unique and special connection that only Gerri can provide.  She has her list, of course, and nowhere on that list does horses, manure, dust, or a bat crap crazy female appear.  Yet here she is out in the middle of nowhere, with no bars on her phone, no internet connection and not a spa treatment in sight.  She’s sure that Gerri has gone off the deep end in sending her here – right up until she meets Brooks, then things get interesting.

Brooks is, for the most part, a content man.  He has his ranch that is profitable, his pack, good friends and family close by.  The only thing missing is finding his mate.  But every shifter knows that no one hurries fate along… except maybe for Gerri Wilder, that woman seems to have connections and instincts completely out of this world.  So when the city girl with killer curves shows up not at all happy about what is not here at the ranch Brooks notices her for certain… but his cougar practically sits up and purrs.  Now, somehow he has to convince one city lady that this country cowboy is the one right person for her.

I had such fun with Her Cougar Cowboy.  Definitely sexy moments, a threat of danger and some charming secondary characters make this a story any reader of Shifter Romance will love.  The chemistry between Vivi and Brooks is obvious from the start and she fits in his world more easily than either thought she would.  I had a blast with this one, and it’s always a joy to return to the Paranormal Dating Agency World to see what Gerri is up to now.  If you love Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance then this one is perfect for you.

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