Her Fae-vorite Bear by Harmony Raines

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Aiden’s mate is a fae. Fae don’t always like shifters.

Can the bear shifter convince Flora he’s worthy of her love?

When Aiden’s mate arrives in town, she isn’t interested in exploring their relationship. Not when she has a child to save.

As she journeys to the world beyond Wishing Moon Bay, this shifter isn’t going to get left behind. Flora needs his help, even if she’s too proud to admit it. There must be a way to make her see they are meant to be together. That he’s supposed to love and protect her.

What Aiden doesn’t know is that she’s trying to protect him—from heartbreak. Because Flora has a secret that might keep them apart. Forever.

Flora needs information that might help her find her friend’s missing child. She does not come to town to meet a growly bear shifter who calls her mate.  However, she soon realizes that Aiden is a shifter she can depend on, someone who’ll be there for her no matter what.

When a shocking discovery sends them back to the fae realm, Aiden is by her side. Where she wants him to stay. Forever.  Will Aiden still feel the same way when he discovers her secret?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in The Bond of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay) series include – The White Wolf of Wishing Moon Bay – The Horse Shifter’s Mate – Her Fae-vorite Bear – Fae-ted to the Bear – The Snow Leopard’s Love – The Dragon Shifter’s Desire

Title:  Her Fae-vorite Bear
Series:  The Bond of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay) #3
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  March 10, 2021
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Her Fav-orite Bear continues The Bond of Brothers series with a few twists and definitely surprises along the way.  I would suggest reading this series in order for they definitely build on the previous stories in the series – you wouldn’t be lost, but it makes more sense and the stories are well worth your time.

Flora is a strong, determined, and stubborn woman, not to mention that she’s also Fae.  In the Wishing Moon Bay area, where the town borders on the Fae Realm, the Fae and Shifters don’t exactly mix and get along… at all.  So when Flora must travel to Wishing Moon Bay to track down an investigator who may have vital information pertaining to her search for her friends’ missing daughter she doesn’t hesitate – she also never could have expected to discover that her mate is a shifter who now makes Flora’s life so much more complicated on so many levels.  Flora is keeping a bit of a secret from her mate, one that will eventually explode in their faces.

Aiden might not have expected to discover that his fated mate is Fae but that doesn’t bother him as much as her stubbornness in letting him help her in any way.  He won’t be dismissed, he’ll dive right into this mystery and help in any way that he can… and his mate will simply have to understand that he has no choice, they belong together.  Yet neither expected the road they are about to travel in search of a kidnapped child will lead to answers that Aiden and his twin, Caleb have been searching for most of their lives.

In Her Fae-vorite Bear, we’ll run into one of my beloved, favorite long-time residents of Bear Creek and her family.  One infamous dragon lady might have some answers, but Flora and Aiden’s situation actually draws forth even more questions.  This was an unexpected twist for me, but one that makes perfect sense (if you’ve also followed the Bear Creek series, especially).  I have a feeling that the connection will only grow at this point, and I’m always going to enjoy blending fictional worlds together.  Flora’s secret won’t stay that way forever, at some point she’s going to have to trust in the man she’s coming to love and believe that fate will get it all right eventually.  The true villain here is as vile as it’s possible to imagine, mostly because of the reasons behind their heinous actions.

Flora and Aiden bring us a very intriguing story – one that definitely leads us into the next one, Fae-ted to the Bear.  I’m enjoying The Bond of Brothers series very much, and can’t wait to discover what is ahead for them… and us.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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