Her UnBearable Protector by Reina Torres

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The head of Orsino Security was hired to protect her for a week. Instead, his bear wants to claim her forever. 

It takes one look for bear shifter Salvatore Orsino to know that Natale Durante isn’t just his client… she’s his mate. His first instinct is to lay Natale’s curvaceous body over his shoulder, find a den, and claim her with his bite. But, this beautiful head-strong woman only grudgingly endures his protection even as she welcomes him in her bed. He’ll have to set aside his bear’s need to mark her until he’s eliminated the threat to her life. Once she’s safe, he’ll turn all his energies convincing her that he isn’t after a short-term dalliance, he wants her, with him… forever. 

Natale Durante knows that Durante Fashion House is on its last legs. Her new line, designed for women of every size and shape, is her last attempt at saving her family’s legacy. But there are those in high fashion who prefer that things stay the same—curves belong on the road, not the runway. When complaints and hate mail escalate to threats of bodily harm, her father hires a bodyguard—Salvatore Orsino. He’s over six feet of deliciously seductive muscular male and a distraction she can’t afford. One look from him and she wants her infuriatingly persistent protector to rip off her clothes with his teeth, or she might do the same to him. 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Orsino Security series include:  Her UnBearable Protector – His UnBearable Touch – Their UnBearable Destiny

Title:  Her UnBearable Protector
Series:  Orsino Security #1
Author:   Reina Torres
Published:  June 27, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

When the threats against Natale’s life and work escalated her father stepped in and hired a bodyguard for his beloved daughter. Salvatore, with his brothers, owned one of the best security companies around… which just happened to be run by bear shifters from Italy.  What Natale thought she was agreeing to in a bodyguard who would sit on the sidelines and not bother her and what she got in the sexy, handsome, in her space Salvatore were two totally opposite things.  And the really odd thing was that this stranger left her breathless, and her shape seemed to be besides the point of his attraction to her.  She had a major fashion show to put on in days, her designs were the future of her father’s company, she was being threatened or stalked by some unseen person and she couldn’t fail or be distracted by this amazingly hot man.  Tell that to her mind or her heart.

Salvatore knew who this lovely woman was within moments of meeting her… his bear knew as well.  And although he would have given her the best protection money could buy under any circumstances, now she was his to protect for a different reason.  His mate.  His lovely, sexy, over stressed, oblivious to the danger she’s in… mate.

Her UnBearable Protector is a fast paced mystery, suspense, shifter romance that will easily capture your interest and attention.  Natale and Salvatore are quite the match, stubborn, prideful, and did I mention stubborn.  It’s not difficult to pick out the person behind Natale’s troubles, I don’t think it was intended to be deeply hidden.  I often had the feeling that you get in movies where the audience is screaming at the screen “don’t do down in the basement”… but you know the character will.  I wanted Natale to be far less trusting when things didn’t make any sense to her, to trust her instincts and not slip away from her bodyguard… but characters rarely listen to me.

I enjoyed my time in this world with interesting, deeply filled out characters, a good plot, and a sexual tension that flows off the page.  The fun part is that this story is the start of a series, so the other brothers we met will also have their stories told and that I’m looking forward to.  If you enjoy a mystery, one sexy couple, and a villain who defines nasty then this is a story that you’d enjoy.  I’d recommend Her UnBearable Protector for any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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