His Foxy Lady by Kasey Belle

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Jim Halsey was a champion bull rider before injury cut his career short and he was forced to find a new way to pay the bills. Wrangling the rescues at The Sanctuary wasn’t his dream job, but he found the work fulfilled a need he hadn’t known was there. He just needed the same good fortune to smile on his personal life. 

Koda finding happiness with Ella, had Jim longing for a family of his own. The problem: Jim had nothing to offer a woman. He’s a washed up bull rider whose only possessions are his clothes, a ten-year-old pickup, and a box full of buckles. Not exactly a starter kit for happily ever after. 

Army Combat Nurse Nicolette Hendrix knew first hand time didn’t heal all wounds. Her soul shattered the day her best friend bled out in her arms. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the luxury of wallowing in grief. However, her damaged psyche demands peace. In the middle of nowhere Montana, Nikki finds more than acceptance, a new job, and a family friendly town in which to raise her daughter, she finds… him. 

A whiff of his scent and an innocent touch is all it takes to fall in love with the cowboy. Will Jim accept her as his mate, especially after things get a little… hairy?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – in other words, there’s going to be sex involved in this story – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in The Shifters of Sanctuary series include:  Resisting His Irish Spitfire – His Foxy Lady – The Grizzly Bear’s Barista – A Purrfect Gift of Fate – Catching Her Wolf –

Title:  His Foxy Lady
Series:  Shifters of Sanctuary #2
Author:  Kasey Belle
Published:  June 19, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It was so easy to slip back into the world of the Shifters of Sanctuary for the second story, His Foxy Lady.  The beginning of this story will rip your heart out… it’s just that simple and complex.  The rest of the story will mend it, bring happiness and stability to three very deserving people.  It is so easy to fall for little Casey.  That little girl is gonna be an expert sassy lady one day, I adored her and her almost snark comments.  And man, can that girl talk.  *grin*

Nikki has come to Sanctuary to work, and to find her own peace.  Her time in war has left its scars and now Nikki and her Fox need the quiet, steady atmosphere of Sanctuary, as well as the work she’s committed to.  She’s also got one eye out for danger from Casey’s biological father who should be in prison right now… but Nikki has a bad feeling about him.  Jim is a former bull rider who left that career after a very brutal final ride that left damage behind.  He’s content on Sanctuary working with good people doing great things for the wounded and abandoned animals they care for.  Jim is human and has no idea of shifters or mates… that’s about to change.

His Foxy Lady will grab your attention, your emotions, and your sense of humor – all combine into one story that will keep your focus right to the end.  We’ll catch up with old friends from the first story in this series, maybe learn a bit more about others.  Nikki and Jim fit so well together, funny, sexy, and comforting at exactly the moments that Nikki needs him.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting updates on this couple as the series continues.  I loved this one, and if you love a good Shifter Romance with likable, believable characters, some issues to be dealt with and seeing a villain get what’s commingling to him… then you ‘ll love not only His Foxy Lady but Shifters of Sanctuary as well.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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