How Did I Miss An Entire Series??

Posted October 22, 2022 by Marsha in Shifter Haven Discussion / 0 Comments

Life got hectic and chaotic around here in the past few months.  I didn’t get as much reading in as I wanted, pleasure reading that is, too many commitment reviews due and the craziness that is often my life as well.

But how in the blue blazes did I miss reading the entire Wolves of Promise Falls series?  I bought each and every one of the books, soon after release – and I imagine with the intention of starting it when I “had time”.  But, seriously, girl… this is unacceptable.  Especially since I just completed Zombie Wolf of Piston which began the Wolves of Piston series.  Throughout Reaper’s story, I felt like I was missing something but set that feeling aside as I got deeper into his fascinating story.

Now I understand that feeling – and am I ever feeling rather foolish right now?  Yes, yes, I am.  So.  I have a choice, publish my review for Zombie Wolf of Piston which was recently released – or stay true to my reading style and go back to the previous connecting series?

I think I have to publish Reaper’s story review.  I have to.  Because I understand the importance of timely reviews to authors.  And I love T. S. Joyce and the (interconnecting) worlds she creates.  But I am so annoyed at myself right now. *sigh*