How The Bear Stole Christmas by Claire Ryann

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How The Bear Stole ChristmasTitle:  How The Bear Stole Christmas
Series:  Sierra Moon Shifters #6
Author:  Claire Ryann
Published:  December 11, 2015
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Andi needed to put some distance between her and her cheating fiance.

When an opportunity to run a friend’s coffee shop for the winter season lands her in the path of the surly man that the locals call “the Grinch” will she be able to see beneath his gruff exterior to discover that the California Grizzly never really went extinct?


Shifters enjoy emotionally and physically lovin’ their mates – a lot – so, 18+ readers

Read on for my thoughts on How The Bear Stole Christmas.

It might be a little early, but with so many amazing Christmas Shifter stories to review it’s the perfect time to start telling you about some Shifter Christmas Romance stories you might like to check out this year.

Andi is heading into a small mountain town to take over her friend’s coffee shop for the winter season.  This change comes at the perfect time since Andi is leaving her lying, cheating scumbag of a near miss fiance far behind.  To think that Mike felt it’s alright to have a side piece, talk trash about her figure … and.. think that she’s the fortunate one that he’s willing to still marry her!  Jerk!  She needs the distance of the mountain between them because Andi isn’t all that certain that she won’t take him back – maybe her expectations are too high… or maybe Mike is the lowest point in her life.

The first days in the coffee shop are a bit hectic as Andi learns her way around and meets the regulars.  One regular in particular catches her attention the moment he walks into the shop.  The locals call him Grinch ‘cos well he’s closed-mouth and kinda grouchy.  But one glance in her direction and he changes his routine, he looms near and seems to sniff her and walks out the door mumbling.  Slowly this customer comes in every day at 10 in the morning for his coffee and honey turnover – and each day he loosens up just a bit more around Andi, completely shocking the locals.

The “Grinch” is actually Daniel, a California grizzly bear shifter.  He’s found his mate, but he’s also convinced that his life as a shifter is too hard a life to expect his mate to live along side of him.  Silly bear, mates do anything to be with each other and the reward is a loving life spent with each other.  But Dan’s kinda spooked and he thinks he’s doing the best thing for Andi.  Right up until he realizes that he could lose her forever, and being noble is fine but not where your mate is concerned.

I enjoyed How The Bear Stole Christmas so much.  Dan really does come off as a grumble-y, grouchy mountain man – until he lets his true self show and then he is beyond adorable and hot.  He’s never going to fit into society easily but with Andi at his side they can face anything together.  Definitely on the hot, sexy and steamy side.  This is a couple you will want to find their happy ever after.  They truly do deserve each other.

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