Howl It’s Done by P. Jameson

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For the Brockdale pack, mating wasn’t just for pleasure or even for love.
It was for survival.

Quincy needs a mate to make him invincible, but his inability to speak clearly has made him an outcast. So when the matchmaker chooses him for the first of the female candidates, no one is more surprised. Even more shocking is his animal’s immediate possessive reaction to her. Without a doubt, he knows…

She is his to protect. His to serve. His to keep.

Amber is sweet and caring, and looking for a place to call home. He knows he can give it to her, even if his packmates don’t believe in him. With his flaw, he never thought he’d be worthy of a mate. But now is his chance to show Amber that he was created to treasure–and pleasure–only her.

Titles in the Apex Mountain Shifters series include — Howl It’s Done —♦— Howl to Love —♦— Kiss and Howl —♦— Love at First Howl —♦— Going Straight to Howl —♦— Howl We Were —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Howl It’s Done
Series:  Apex Mountain Shifters #1
Author:  P. Jameson
Published:  February 8, 2022
My Rating:  4

I love discovering new-to-me authors, so when the covers and the titles in P. Jameson’s Apex Mountain Shifters series drew my eye I decided to give them a try.  There are newer releases, yet this one is a completed series so I’ll get a better feel for the author’s style and if I intend to read her backlist by starting with Howl It’s Done.

My first impression is of a well-written shortish story with steamy encounters, an unusual speech problem for the Hero, an underestimated heroine, and shifter lore that I don’t often find.  I always love a fresh take on how different authors create their shifter worlds.  Plus this wolf pack has a very unusual shifter enemy and a vulnerability that gives these wolf tales a slight twist that’s intriguing.  Everything checks off the boxes for an enjoyable reading experience for me, personally.

I adored Quincy from the start.  His inability to speak clearly and in a way that others can understand is unique.  Oh, the words work just fine in his mind, but when spoken they are often a jumbled mass of words that together make little sense.  Most of his packmates can decipher his meaning, but he doesn’t speak that often.  This pack has one huge weakness and an enemy who will exploit that during any fight.  Yet, when the wolves are mated that particular vulnerability disappears… so their Alpha and a matchmaker are setting out to get this pack mated as quickly as possible.

Amber is the first of the ladies who might be possible mates to arrive.  She’s looking for a fresh start far from the family that devalues her at every chance they get.  She’s human, and her eyes will be opened by the reality of pack life, but she’s also brave enough to step out of her comfort zone and hopes to find a man, a wolf who will love and accept her exactly as she is.  That man is Quincy.

I enjoyed Howl It’s Done so much.  It’s a quick read, but an oftentimes emotional one as Quincy and Amber open themselves to the possibilities of finding that lifetime love.  I loved this couple from their first meeting.  Their story is definitely sizzling, the groundwork is being laid for the danger facing this pack, and we start to see some of the other personalities we’ll be reading about in this series.  I liked this world and will be back to learn more in the next story.

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