Jace by Ava Benton

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In a clan of shifters, the lions are considered most powerful and respected. Jace is headstrong, willful, has fun with women but doesn’t see the big rush to find a mate. His father lays it on the line: If he’s to head the clan one day, he needs to find his bride. He resents being told what to do.

Gemma’s got her own set of problems, and saving Jace from a group that collects shifters for sport and research shouldn’t be one of those problems. So what made it her problem?

Titles in the Everglade Brides series include:  Jace – Levi – Cord – Trek – Demon

Title:  Jace
Series:  Everglade Brides #1
Author:  Ava Benton
Published:  November 19, 2016
My Rating:  3 stars

Jace is the first story in the Everglade Brides series by a new to me author.  It’s a good story,it kept me entertained throughout.  Yet there are reasons that my rating isn’t higher than a “good” book.  The idea of the story grabs my attention with danger and conflict in the plot.  I believe it’s because I got really little sense of who Jace and Gemma were outside of their intense sexual relationship and possible mates.  Jace is not the way I usually think of an Alpha’s son, one who will one day lead.  And I think that is what has me hesitating so much.  I didn’t feel a future leader in Jace, ready to burst out if the need arose.  And that is what I feel an Alpha’s son is, a man who does’t necessarily want to lead yet, but is fully able to if something happens to his parent and it becomes necessary.  I didn’t feel that Jace is ready, and that affected how I viewed him very much.

It appears that there are five stories in the Everglade Brides series at this point.  The general idea of this series interests me enough to continue with the series to see where it leads me.  I hope you won’t hesitate to try Jace, it is an interesting premise and an entertaining story.  I wish I could say more about it but I simply don’t have a feel for this series or these characters yet.  I’m hoping that changes as the series continues.  I don’t easily give up on series so I’ll see where the next story takes me.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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