Katie’s Date with an Alpha by Lisa Daniels

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I wanted to show my sister up at the wedding. So I hired a bear shifter to help.

It was more of a whim, hiring him from the dating agency. After all the hell my sister Rachel put everyone through, enough was enough. She needed to get off her high horse. Stop trying to ask guests for money, and get angry because none of them wanted to pay for her wedding on the other side of the world.

Best way to humiliate someone like her?

Have a hot guy at my side. One clearly wealthy, with connections and alpha energy, and he’s so damn handsome, she’d never pay a second of attention to her husband.

A bear shifter, just to add that little cherry on the top.

Trouble is, Travis has taken all my attention now. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted… and he’s out of my reach.

Titles in the Dating Agency (Date Monsters for Alphas) series include — Katie’s Date with an Alpha

Title:  Katie’s Date with an Alpha
Series:  Dating Agency/Date Monsters for Alphas #1
Author:  Lisa Daniels
Published:  July 10, 2020
My Rating:  3.5 stars

Katie’s relationship with her entitled, spoiled rotten older sister, Rachel, has always been rocky.  You’re supposed to love your sibling, right?  Yet, Rachel makes that very difficult with her demands for attention and her ‘all about me’ attitude.  Rachel’s upcoming wedding has escalated tensions between sisters, best friends, and parents… and Katie’s getting the short stick all around.  When she and Rachel’s former best friend are both booted from the wedding party to guests (guests that Rachel really doesn’t want at her wedding now) the ladies form a bit of revenge which includes hot, sexy fake boyfriends from the Dating Agency that specializes in shifters to hire for short or longterm dates.  Only… Katie got more than she expected in Travis.  She found herself attracted to him, yet reluctant to make a move to show that interest – after all, this was a fake month-long relationship to humiliate her sister at her wedding, what possible future could come out of that?

Katie’s Date with an Alpha‘ was one of those stories that I enjoyed but didn’t love enough to commit myself to future stories – although, I’d read more of them simply not ‘desperate’ for the next release to arrive.  I adored Travis, liked Katie, hated Rachel, and was disappointed in the sisters’ parents who really created the monster that Rachel became by their actions over the years.  The mystery behind Travis’ benefactor from long, long ago was a fun journey.  And I’d like to know more about his bear clan, the one he left to head to the hated human world.  There are things that would bring me back to this series.  If you enjoy sexual tensions about to burst into flames, a bridezilla to despise on sight, and a couple that despite the odds work very well together, then you’d enjoy Travis’ and Katie’s romance.

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