Maid for the Bear by Harmony Raines

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She’s a forty-something single mom working as a maid. He’s a billionaire bear shifter.

Maggie isn’t looking for anything other than a fresh start in a new town after a messy divorce from her cheating husband. Until she meets Quincy, a man who offers her love and loyalty.  But she’s heard that before.

However, Quincy soon convinces Maggie he is the one for her. More importantly, he is the father her son deserves.  But when her ex-husband arrives in Bear Creek, she’s left questioning Quincy’s actions.

He’s spent his life building a business empire so that he could give his mate the life she deserves.  Only his mate never appeared. 

As the years passed by his gray hairs appeared at his temples, and he’d given up on ever meeting his mate.  But when he’s called home to Bear Creek, he finds Maggie and her adorable son at his house.

He knows she’s been hurt before. Can Quincy prove to her that he is the one she can trust in?  The one who will never let her down.

However, when her ex-husband starts meddling in their relationship, Quincy is worried he might be about to experience the midlife crisis from hell – losing his mate.

Titles in the A Second Chance at Bear Creek Lodge series include — Maid For The Bear —♥— The Bear’s Forbidden Love —♥— Nanny for The Bear —♥— Trapped with The Bear —♥— The Bear’s Runaway Bride —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Title:  Maid for the Bear
Series:  A Second Chance at Bear Creek Lodge #1
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  September 16, 2022
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I love returning to the Bear Creek universe any chance that I get, and Maid for the Bear is a perfect example of why.  Maggie and Quincy start off the A Second Chance at Bear Creek Lodge series with a sizzling, sexy, fun, engaging, well-written story that quickly captured my imagination and drew me into another chapter of this amazing world.  And, of course, Henry – one of the most adorable kids to be found anywhere.  He just wants a dad who loves him, wants to do stuff with him, and for his mom to be happy.  This kid is going to grow into an amazing man one day.

Maggie has been shattered by her cheating ex, but more than for herself is his abandonment of their son, Henry.  She’ll do everything possible to give her son a good life, and starting over in this small town should give her the chance to do that.  She didn’t expect the owner of this house to show up unannounced, and she certainly didn’t expect the attraction she feels for Quincy – more like, she doesn’t trust the attraction because she’d given her heart before and look where that got her.  And she would never allow Henry to be hurt again by another man.

Quincy has spent his life building a world that would be financially ready for when he met his mate, but that hasn’t happened so far and the years are moving on.  Imagine his surprise when returning to Bear Creek to tend to Clint he discovers his mate in his own kitchen baking cookies with her son.  Yeah, not quite what he was expecting but he’s immediately certain Maggie is his mate and that means that her son, Henry, is his to love and protect as well.

Until trouble rolls into town in the form of the ex-husband and the father who abandoned his son… now Quincy is fighting for his family, their future, and one nasty piece of work who would destroy all of that without thought just to get his own way.

I loved Maid for the Bear.  It’s a thoughtful, emotional romance with sizzling chemistry but also a deep growing love between a man, a woman, and a little boy.  I adored Henry, he stole hearts and every scene he was in.  I understood Maggie’s hesitation even as I was wishing she’d just give love and Quincy a chance.  Paul, well, he’s no better than stuff I’d scrape off of the bottom of my shoes and I despised him constantly.  Quincy is a man who has waited for years to find his fated mate and is willing to do anything he needs to do to keep her and her son in his life.  Their story is well-written, full of action, and some sizzling moments but mostly the kind of love that any woman with a young child would want to find… unconditional for them both.

If you love getting started on a new series, if a second chance love lights your fire, if an adorable child melts your heart, or if watching a couple fall in love even though there are outside forces against them… then this story, this series is a perfect match for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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