Making The Time to Do It Now

Posted January 3, 2017 by Marsha in Shifter Haven Discussion / 0 Comments

I love Shifter Romance.  I think that’s pretty obvious by a blog devoted to them and how often I post reviews about the books I’ve read.

However.  I have a notebook sized piece of paper, written on both sides are Shifter books I’ve read in 2016 and didn’t “have the time” to review immediately after closing the book.  Yeah.  Well, that backfired on me.  And you know if you follow this blog, that I do a lot of reviews.  Even with that amount, I still couldn’t keep current.  So now I’ve got to come up with a plan to get those reviews done.  That means maybe 4 or more reviews per day for a while.  I hate to do that because it’s an overload in people’s feeds… but, still I need to get caught up.  It’s a touch choice.

I wish I could have started 2017 with a clean, fresh slate on all my blogs… but reality happens, ya know?  So mixed in with what I’ve currently just finished reading will be some additional reviews as well.  Dang, Shifter Romance is so addicting!  And so easy to fit in whenever there’s a spare hour or so.  No wonder I’m behind.  *grin*

Anyway, I hope you find these additional reviews interesting.  (trust me, there’s a whole lot that you’ll never see because they weren’t worth the time to review… and I hate to be mean and say – it sucked)