Mischief In A Fur Coat by Sloane Meyers

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mischief-in-a-fur-coatTitle:  Mischief In A Fur Coat
Series:  The Fur Coat Society #3
Author:  Sloane Myers
Published:  August 7, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Drew Brooks is a man among bears. As a human raised by shifters, he’s used to feeling like the odd one out. So he’s not surprised that Hope, an impossibly beautiful polar bear shifter, doesn’t seem interested in him. But he’s as stubborn as they come. When he decides that Hope is the girl he wants, he pursues her until she gives him a chance. But their sizzling, whirlwind romance comes to a screeching halt when Drew unexpectedly finds himself at death’s door…

Polar Bear shifter Hope Pearsons has been going a little stir-crazy. Thanks to the worldwide war on shifters, she’s gone from a fast-paced life in the big city to being cooped up in the middle of nowhere. She never thought she’d say it, but she wishes with everything in her that she hadn’t been born a shifter. Thankfully, she has new love to distract her. After getting over her initial dislike for Drew, she falls head over heels for his sweeter side—and for his drop-dead gorgeous looks. But her newfound happiness goes up in flames when Drew faces certain death. Everything seems hopeless…until Hope discovers that the fact that she’s a shifter means there’s a possibility she could save Drew’s life…

Drew wasn’t born with shifter blood running through his veins, but Hope is about to bring him closer to being a bear than he ever thought possible. Can she save his life in the process? Find out, in this steamy, action-packed bear shifter romance!

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in The Fur Coat Society series:  Trouble In A Fur Coat, Alpha In A Fur Coat, Mischief In A Fur Coat, Danger In A Fur Coat

Read on for my thoughts on Mischief In A Fur Coat.

Mischief In A Fur Coat is a pivotal story in the war against shifters and the newly discovered “bear” flu that kills non-shifters most horribly.  And of course that is blamed on the shifters themselves, even if they had nothing to do with it – logic has little place in a world gone crazy with trumped up fears.

It was to the human Drew that our shifters ran to when chaos erupted in Chicago.  A man who has lived among shifters, knows their secrets and accepts them unconditionally.  Drew is an off the gird kind of guy.  He has little use for the techno gadgets that everyone seems to depend upon.  Give him a gas fueled engine and he’s quite happy to live in the forest with his low tech lifestyle.  In many ways Drew saved these young shifters, men and women who struck out away from their clans for independence, now find that their only hope for survival is to return to nature and their other selves.

Right now the crew is cramped into Drew’s cabin, but they are hard at work building additional cabins in order to get out from under each other’s feet.  Everyone is pitching in, except for Hope who is off in the woods feeling quite sorry for herself.  She’s bored, is tired of being cooped up, and she doesn’t trust that Drew is telling them the entire truth about the outside situation.  After all, he is human.  He might be helping them now, but since he’s the only one who ever goes into the small town, how can they be sure he isn’t lying to them about what is going on “out there”.

Hope makes a decision, one that may have far reaching effects.  As mentioned, Drew lives off the grid – suddenly he’s buying massive amounts of meat and food from a tiny small grocery.  So far the owner is looking the other way and not asking awkward questions that Drew doesn’t want to answer.  The same cannot be said for the noisy, gossipy bartender at the local bar.  He’d sell out his grandmother for a juicy bit of gossip.  And unfortunately when Hope makes her move to head into the tiny town on her own to just escape from everyone and get outside information – it’s to the bar that she heads.

Oh, she gets the information about what Drew has been holding back.  The world is a far, far more dangerous place now and pure chaos is rampant across the nation.  Things that he should have told them, but in reality what good would it have done when they could not change a thing.  When Drew shows up at the bar and quickly escorts her out of there – what she’s also done is put them in a spotlight that Drew was trying to keep them out of.

Drew has feelings for Hope.  If he’d been a shifter he would have called her his mate.  As it is, she’s a shifter who doesn’t trust him, and it’s up to him to change that.  he’s having some success when they are suddenly attacked by a deranged human, a human with the “bear” flu.  Now everything changes as Drew becomes infected and the race to save his life begins.

I found Mischief In A Fur Coat to be fast paced, intriguing and a very important turning point in the over all thread that runs through the series.  I wish I could have connected better with Hope.  My first impression of her as a willful, spoiled brat never left me even when she and Drew became intimate and she helped save his life.  I could not get past her selfish actions that endangered everyone simply because she was bored without her technology at hand.  I adored Drew, he’s a worthy mate for any shifter and an honorable human.  Everyone comes together to help one member of their impromptu clan… and that is what clan is all about.  My worry is – how will the world react to the cure for “bear” flu… that will be an interesting development within this series.

If you love Shifter Romance then this series and this particular story will be of interest to you.  It opens up alternative possibilities that are intriguing, definitely sexy and keeps your interest high throughout everyone’s unique story.  I would definitely recommend Mischief In A Fur Coat to any Romance reader, especially Paranormal Romance lovers.

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