My Duty To Bear by Olivia Arran

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A woman on the run…
Amy Taylor is living a lie. On the run from her abuser, she lives one day at a time. She doesn’t have time for romance, and definitely not for the hot-as-hell Sheriff who’s sniffing around.

A bear with a badge…
Bear Shifter Ryan Everson is the Sheriff based in Craggstone Town. It’s his job to know everything that’s going on, and to deal with any trouble—especially troubled strangers, no matter how gorgeous they are.
When Ryan runs into curvy Amy, he knows immediately that she is his mate—she is the only one his bear, and his heart, desires. But first he has a little detecting to do…and a little seducing.

Danger closing in fast…
As danger closes in, secrets from Amy’s past—and present—are uncovered. Reeling from the startling discovery, and what it means, can Ryan step up to the challenge and win her trust…or will she run again, leaving him alone and broken?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Everson Brothers series include:  My Curse to Bear – My Duty to Bear – My Wound to Bear – My Heat to Bear – My Hunger to Bear

Title:  My Duty To Bear
Series:  The Everson Brothers #2
Author:  Olivia Arran
Published:  December 13, 2915
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Amy is on the run from a horrific, abusive man.  She’s desperately hoping that this small town on the edge of the forest can offer her and her son sanctuary, some peace and maybe a place for a fresh start.  She sees an ad for help wanted in the window of the local bakery, and with hopes high she steps into her future.

Ryan had no clue what he’d be stepping into as he dashed into the bakery to escape the weather outside, intent on the tantalizing scents from Connie’s baked goods.  When his eyes finally fell on the beautiful woman hovering near the counter he was blindsided.  His mate.  He and his bear simply knew that she was the one for him.  Now he had to find out who she was, in spite of his bear’s instance of simply grabbing her and running for their cabin.  No, she was human and it was going to take a bit of the normal ritual of getting to know her before his bear could get his way.  And there was something off – she was scared, and her fear went up a notch when she realized he was the sheriff… now what kind of trouble has his mate found.

In the second story in the Everson Brothers series we get to meet Ryan and his mate Amy.  The world is built a bit more with some interesting shifter lore – and I have to admit to having a chuckle startled out of me at Ryan’s reaction towards the ending of this story.  Amy and her son Luke are trying to escape an abusive man who thinks nothing of harming his own child in order to keep control of Amy.  It is extremely easy to loathe this man.  Since Amy doesn’t know about shifters or  mates, and she running scared Ryan has to ease into the mate side of their relationship.  First she needs to trust him and he needs to end her abuser.

Full of action, sexy moments, a few glimpses of life with Ryan’s family and the growing connection between Ryan, Amy and Luke – this is a solid story with just enough edge to keep you waiting for the danger to pounce.  If you enjoy Shifter Romance, then this is a series you’ll want to get started on.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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