P.N.W. Werebears Series Bundle 1-3

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P N W Werebear Series 1-3Title:  P. N. W. Werebears Series Bundle of 1-3
Series:  Pacific Northwest Bears #1 -# 2 -# 3
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  May 2015 (combined offer)
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Owned
Cover Description:

The Rochon brothers are your everyday loggers running a timber company in the Pacific Northwest. During the day they are all about the trees, at night they let their bears out to roam the forests.

Cage, Wyatt, and Conner have spent the last forty plus years searching for The One. Their one true mate. Cage and Wyatt are lucky enough to find their mates close to home and to their surprise, they are human. Conner’s mate is more unexpected, but knows all about shifters.

Before they can settle into a life of love and cubs, they must face the challenges to their happily ever afters. An unseen force is sabotaging their equipment and endangering, not only their secret as shifters, but the lives of their loved ones too.

Finding love and fighting for the safety of their family is enough to keep these boys busy for decades to come.

Honey, donuts, and cougars are the glue that will keep their family together.

Pacific Northwest Werebears in this bundle: 
Bearly Cooking
Bear in Mind
Bear With Me

Be aware, Shifters never hesitate to physically show their mates how much they love and desire them.. a lot.  So this is an 18+ reader series.

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Honestly, this post is simply a reminder that the first three stories in Moxie North’s Pacific Northwest Bears series is now available in a bundle.  All three at once.  Sweet!  🙂

I love this series – and although there are several more stories that have been (and hopefully will be) written about these sexy Shifters… if you haven’t checked out this series yet this is a perfect way to do just that.  You’ll get the story from the beginning and then can decide to continue on with the rest of the stories.  Right now,  we are up to #6.5, so there is more to look forward to if you’re just starting out with the Rochon family of Shifters and their mates.

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