Pinstriped by Marie Long

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Personal trainer Diesel Reed desires a mate who can meet the insatiable demands of his inner tiger. Unfortunately, none of the women he trains spark a challenge.

Until Carina Parker, his curvaceous new client, walks into his gym.

Carina has given up on conventional love, thanks to her lousy luck with dating apps. Her sexy new trainer flutters her heart, but he’s way out of her league.

Diesel thinks Carina might finally be the woman he is looking for, but Carina seems to be training hard to impress someone else, not him. Frustrated, Diesel seeks the advice of famed matchmaker Gerri Wilder.

But instead of answers, Diesel’s visit to the Paranormal Dating Agency leaves him reeling in shock.

A threat from Diesel’s past traps Carina in the middle of a deadly family feud. With love and honor hanging in the balance, Diesel is faced with a bitter choice: duty or happiness? 

Titles in the Whitetide Streak series include: Pinstriped

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

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Title:  Pinstriped
Series:  Whitetide Streak #1
Author:  Marie Long
Published:  April 8, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

Pinstriped is the opening story in the series Whitetide Streak within the Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle World.  It’s hot, sexy, engaging, just about everything I love about the Paranormal Dating Agency universe… but.  Yeah, there is a small “but”.  I expect insta-love, even insta-mating in the Shifter world, so that part’s not the question.  The part that raised my eyebrows a bit was that Carina, a human, didn’t really get what she was agreeing to when she said she’d be Diesel’s mate.  That is almost immediately clear to the reader when she does something the very next day that no mate, a true mate with the understanding of a mate’s bond would do.  I can’t say more than that because it would involve spoilers, yet it made me question their relationship right away.  Carina’s insecurities about her body and her relationships with men is a large part of this story.  So, even given the short length of this novella, I felt a little more of a connection between them, a bit more understanding of Shifters would have taken away that “but” reaction of mine.  Hey, it’s not my story to tell, and I can only react to what I read.  I do know that the “but” feeling is what kept this a 4 star rating for me instead of a 5 star.  I’m not being mean-spirited, a paranormal world already has me suspending belief to a point… I’m saying that made a difference in my believing that Carina really knew what she was signing on for at first.

There is light world building in Pinstriped, enough to give the reader an idea of Diesel’s past and perhaps a look into the future of this series.  My interest has been firmly grabbed by Diesel and Carina’s story so I will definitely be following this series.  And, my goodness, how I love and adore Gerri’s sassy-ness.  So, yeah, I’d recommend this one to Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance readers – and I’ll pick up the next story to see where this goes.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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