Playing With Fire by Godiva Glenn

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Chell of the Blue Mountain clan isn’t a woman that backs down, even after she’s been kidnapped, and her leadership temporarily stolen in an underhanded coup. It’s taken time, but now she’s on top and in charge where she belongs. Her next step is to secure her bloodline, which means she needs a mate.

Her soul mate is part of a package deal, though, and two scorching hot human firefighters wind up capturing her attention.

But Chell wasn’t looking for a human, much less two. Her world is dangerous, and her clan could benefit from the power of a shifter.

While emotions and chemistry are getting too hot to handle, love from her past emerges and threatens the balance of their romantic trio. And to top things off, she discovers that more treachery is afoot.

It looks like this bear’s going to need to put out some fires and kick some ass.

This is an adult, 18+ story which contains language and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Playing with Fire is part of the Paranormal Dating Agency World.  More information about this amazing line of Shifter Tales can be found on the Paranormal Dating Agency World page.

Also… Playing with Fire is part of Ms. Glenn’s Otherworld Shifters series – those titles include — Royally Screwed – Their Royal Compromise -A Royal Pain – Playing with Fire

Title:  Playing with Fire
Series:  Otherworld Shifters #4 – Paranormal Dating Agency world
Author:  Godiva Glenn
Published:  February 22, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I love stepping back into the Paranormal Dating Agency world, and this time I’m also stepping into Ms. Glenn’s Otherworld Shifters world as well.  I always love discovering a new Shifter world and a new-to-me author as well.  (there are just so many books, so many authors to discover I often feel like I’m missing some of the best Shifter Romance out there simply because I haven’t run across them yet – you, too?)  Anyway… I’ve joust found myself a new author and a new series to follow in Otherworld Shifters.  I will be frank and say that Reverse Harem tropes are not my favorite, to be frank again I often find them to be more sex and less plot than I’m looking for.  Yet, when they are done well with an intriguing plot, interesting characters beyond the steamy moments… it’s then that I truly enjoy this trope — and believe me, I enjoyed the heck outta Playing with Fire.

Now, do you have to have read the entire Otherworld Shifters series to enjoy Playing with Fire?  No, you do not.  I’m just entering this world and was not lost at all, everything that I needed to know in the way of the background was easily woven into the dialogue and narrative at the right time in this story.  And besides, it’s the Paranormal Dating Agency world… what’s not to love about that just on the basis of the multi-author stories we’ve enjoyed?

I found Playing with Fire to be deeper on many levels than I first expected.  Even without having read the earlier books I was well aware that Chell has been through hell and back recently and she’s proven herself to be strong in body and in the will to have overcome what she’s gone through.  I found myself admiring her early on and that never wavered throughout her story.  Troy and Gabe are unique in their relationship, their friendship and are simply men that I would want around in a dangerous situation or for a casual night out.  I liked them for many reasons, mainly because they have each other’s back no matter what.  Valdus – oh, this man broke my heart.  He’s strong yet his personality has changed through what he’s gone through.  He’s no longer the man Chell once knew – but he is so much more at times, and at others the man she’s loved deeply for most of her life.

There are vile villains to completely loathe in Playing with Fire.  And we only get a taste of that evil to start as it grows into a true monster territory.  In my opinion, there isn’t enough punishment in the world (this or another) for these men to truly face justice.  (but then I can be bloodthirsty at times when favorite characters are attacked)

In all, I enjoyed my time in this world very much.  There is an intriguing storyline, characters to love, loathe and lust after, definitely a steamy sexy time and love so strong it can be felt through the pages.  So, now I’m looking for one other character’s happy ending… one day, I hope.  But in the meantime, I’m heading back to the beginning of the Otherworld Shifters series to discover what I missed.  If you enjoy Reverse Harems, if you crave more than a touch of danger and finding justice for someone’s wrongdoing, love a few laughs, some sexy moments and emotional read… then you’ll love Playing with Fire.  I know I did.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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