Rancher Bear’s Secret by Candace Ayers

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Can she convince his out of control bear that she’s just what he needs?

Michael Long has scars, both physical and emotional. He’s damaged. His bear is broken and dangerous. In fact, the only time his bear comes out is to viciously maim and kill. So when the woman he knows is his mate shows up, right there on his family’s ranch, his best course of action is to avoid her. But, Daisy Hawkins is unavoidable.

Daisy isn’t taking no for an answer. As sweet as her name, Daisy is Landing, Wyoming’s newest kindergarten teacher. She’s not sure what came over her when she set eyes on the tall, muscular rancher at the annual field trip to the Long Ranch. Daisy has never hit on a man before, but Michael Long is the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. The connection between them is almost palpable.
Why does the guy keep running away from her?

As if chasing down a reticent cowboy wasn’t stressful enough, Daisy’s period is late. She’s always wanted to be a parent, but she hadn’t planned on meeting the man of her dreams while pregnant with another man’s baby.

 Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Rancher Bears series include:  Rancher Bear’s BabyRancher Bear’s Mail Order Mate Rancher Bear’s Surprise Package – Rancher Bear’s Secret – Rancher Bear’s Desire -Rancher Bear’s Merry Christmas

Title:  Rancher Bear’s Secret
Series:  Rancher Bears #4
Author:  Candace Ayers
Published:  September 11, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Michael is a broken man with what he considers a broken, dangerous bear.  That may or may not be completely true, but what matters really is that Michael believes it, and lives it as truth.  Recently, in defense of his family, Michael made a difficult choice and his bear protected his brother and nephew from certain death… with death.  This has only further convinced him that his bear shouldn’t ever, ever find his mate for he is afraid that he’d harm her.  Too bad that fate has other plans and had delivered his mate right to the ranch.

Daisy is attracted to the man, strongly, unusually and without even knowing his name.  She defends him, and pretty much browbeats him into dinner plans.  So not like her.  But this man, Michael, pulls at something deep within her, and she”s not willing to let him go until she understand what and why and if he’s worth fighting for.  Unconsciously she’s already made that choice – now it’s up to Michael to do his part.  And she is not too proud to run him to ground to get answers, the ones that she wants and deserves.

Rancher Bear’s Secret gives us a better understanding of the horrible things Michael went through in his younger years that made the man, and the bear, as they are today.  It’s heartbreaking – but there comes a point where Michael has to take responsibility for how he’s treating his bear.  Daisy is exactly what they both need.  She’s feisty and stubborn enough to bring the true Michael to the surface.  And his younger brother is stubborn and wise enough to show him exactly where he’s been making mistakes.  I hurt for Michael, but at times I also wanted to shake him.

While this is a very short story, it does touch upon some important parts of this series, and brings together two people who need each other without a doubt.  I liked Michael and Daisy, and there are some sweet revolutions near the end that could get you a bit misty-eyed.  Another brother to look forward to in the next story, and I’m off to get started on that one next.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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