Rebel Unveiled by Amber Ella Monroe

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They say one way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but personal chef Nina Moore won’t realize how true that is until the handsome tattooed stranger who helped her out of a bind returns to her home night after night to taste test her best creations. She’s fully aware that he’s different, but there’s more to both sides of him than meets the eye. He’s scarred, dangerous, and sexy. Innocent attraction becomes full blown lust that neither of them can deny. When she finds out about his ulterior motives, she has to decide whether to trust him or send him on his way. He’s the only one that can help her quickly rectify the mess that led him to her in the first place. But how can she rely on her own judgment when all she wants to do is drag him from the dining room chair where she feeds him and onto the bed to have her way with?

Wolf shifter Raoulf Justice is a legendary bounty hunter and a purebred rebel. Those two personas don’t always mix, especially when it comes to following protocol. When he accepts a case that leads him straight to the doorstep of a woman who could possibly be his mate, he doesn’t hesitate when he makes the decision to guard her with his life. A woman he never knew existed could be his bounty as well as the suspect who his client is so hellbent on locating. His success rate is what makes him the most sought after bounty hunter in the country, but this time he’ll fail his mission. He won’t turn in the sexy chef who feeds his soul and quenches every hunger within him…he’ll keep her for himself. After all, no one should ever deny a man his favorite meal.

Titles in the Aspen Valley Wolf Pack series include:  Shifter UntamedWolf UnboundOutlaw Unleashed – Rebel Unveiled – Omega Unmasked – Mountain Wolf

Title:  Rebel Unveiled
Series:  Aspen Valley Wolf Pack #4
Author:  Amber Ella Monroe
Published:  January 24, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Raoulf felt the job was off from the very beginning only he couldn’t quite put his finger on why.  As a bounty hunter, as a wolf shifter he knew how to get the jobs done but this one didn’t make a lot of sense.  Yet there was something a bout the grainy picture of the woman he’d be after that pulled him in her direction.  Ultimately he figured it was better him than some other hunter, at least he knew enough to follow his unease before he struck.  Time would tell if his instincts proved him right or not.

Nina simply wanted a fresh start beyond the reach of the man who was possibly the worst mistake of her life.  Oh, she knew what he was and she knew that he was dangerous but he also seemed to have lost her trail.  So perhaps it was safe to put down roots here, safe to open up her catering business again on her terms.  But safety is a relative term, and she had no idea that the helpful stranger on the huge motorcycle would play such a large part in her future.  Not that she trusted easily, but there was something about him that drew her in to a sense of it feels right  Hopefully this wouldn’t be yet another dumb mistake that she’d end up running from… again.

Rebel Unveiled is a quick, sexy tale of a woman who trusted too easily and paid for it, and a man who simply wants to put his outlaw days aside and settle in at home with his pack for longer than a weekend.  I enjoyed this couple both strong and stubborn in their own fashion.  With a couple of nasty men on her trail Nina could use the help Raoulf offered – as a woman who was falling for a man, she could get used to the safety of his arms.  We don’t run into any of the rest of the Aspen Valley pack in this one, only a mention of Dane.  It was entertaining to see the type of woman who could get this particular outlaw to settle down.

If you love Shifter Romance, then Rebel Unveiled should be on your reading list as should the rest of the series.  A strong couple, intriguing story and a couple of villains to hate… my kind of story.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  The best ten dollars I spend each month.

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