Reindeer Games by Lola Kidd

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Shifter Crosby Geller can’t seem to get a grip on his animal. During a short trip, the reindeer landed and refused to fly again. This has never happened before and Crosby doesn’t know what to do. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem but the snowstorm moving in means the small town he landed in has shut down. He’s stranded with no clothes, money, identification, or a way to get home. 

Holly Yule was enjoying a slow day at her job when a crash outside turns her world upside down. There’s a shifter outside who needs help but she isn’t sure she should trust him. What’s a reindeer doing in her backyard? 

She doesn’t want to help but the police are too busy with accidents to get to her anytime soon. She can’t just leave him to freeze outside but she isn’t sure what she should do to help him.

While she hatches a plan, Crosby has other things on his mind. Namely, figuring out why his reindeer had to land in this very spot, on this very day. After seeing the lovely Holly, he’s starting to have a very good idea of what his animal had on its mind. The most important thing to any shifter, mate.

Titles in the Small Town Shifters series include — Reindeer Games (prequel) – Claws and Effect – Fight or Flight –

Title:  Reindeer Games
Series:  Small Town Shifters #0 (prequel)
Author:  Lola Kidd
Published:  April 14, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

REINDEER GAMES is a quick, funny, sweet and sizzling story that grabbed my attention and made me want more,  Which is a good thing since there’s a series that follows this beginning story.

Crosby’s reindeer just dropped from the sky.  Surprised the heck outta him and refused to budge.  Eventually, Crosby understood why — she was here, his mate.  But convincing one human born among shifters, let alone one with a birthmark that has set her apart from this entire small town is going to be a challenge.

Holly has such an attitude, and it’s an understandable one given how she’s been treated her entire life.  Slowly she will change her mind as she sees what Crosby is to her, but it’s not going to be easy convincing her that she should just believe in this mate thing.  She might have been born into a shifter family but she has no real clue what the mating bond is or does to a person.  Watching them work their way past her hesitation was an enjoyable journey.  Now I need to know more and I’m glad that, at this point in time, the first two stories in the series are out and waiting for me.  If you love to get in on the start of a new series and enjoy a lighthearted shifter romance then you’ll want to check out REINDEER GAMES.

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