Sanctuary by Elle Thorne

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SanctuaryTitle:  Sanctuary
Series:  Always After Dark #4
Author:  Elle Thorne
Genre:  Paranormal
Published:  July 8, 2015
Publisher:  Barbed Borders Press
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

White tiger shifter Gavin Castro’s got a job to do. Falling in love isn’t part of it.
Arctic fox and curvy, Layla’s on a mission. Keep her secret, and catch a tiger… shifter. And not by the tail!

Read on for my thoughts on Sanctuary.  No true spoilers, promise.

Sanctuary is Layla and Gavin’s story – an arctic fox and white tiger shifter romance.  This story is very much more on the erotica side of paranormal.  Their sexual encounters are very graphic, and sexually intense.  I loved their romance, but this is definitely an 18+ adult story.

Layla was rescued from the same wolves who had kidnapped Lila and Petra.  She had gotten off easier, but still it was an experience she never wanted to relive.  She had been staying at the Tiero Towers with her new friends, trying her best to not let too much of her own past leak out into conversation.  She hadn’t counted on having the handsome white tiger shifter Gavin as a friend nor for the strong signals her fox was sending out.  She would love it if Gavin were indeed her mate, but the way he’s been acting lately it’s as if he wants nothing to do with her.  Perhaps it’s for the best – she hasn’t been completely truthful with her new friends.

Gavin was longing for Layla.  But he would be strong and stay away from her, no matter what his tiger was roaring at him.  She deserved better than him.  A military man trained in special ops, he was a killer and if he was smart he’d stay far away from the inticing arctic fox.  Trouble is, that’s not working out for either of them.

Sanctuary is a very hot, fast paced story.  We have the mystery of who exactly Layla is – and is she in danger.  She and Gavin make a sexy couple who definitely are well matched in the burning up the sheets categories.  And we get our first introduction of the polar bears of New York.

I enjoyed this novel very much and would recommend it for any reader who loves paranormal shifter romance.  Again, this one is on the 18+ adult story side.  So if a lot of intense, descriptive sexual scenes turns you off – you have been told.  But I enjoyed Gavin and Layla’s story very much.

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