Save A Horse by Jennifer Wedmore

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Ryley Stewart grew up knowing shifters were everywhere. Little was known about them though; she made it her life’s mission to meet and interview as many as she could. As a freelance journalist, she traveled the country meeting new shifters. When Gerri Wilder contacts her to help her find new shifters to interview. Ryley makes it known she is only interested in interviews, not a mate.

TC Donovan wasn’t looking for his mate. He was content on his ranch, rehabilitating horses. TC saw the worst things people could do to animals; it made him distrustful and grouchy. The last thing he wanted was a journalist staying in his house or interviewing him.

It only took one look, and TC knew he met his mate, but would Ryley be willing to give up her globe-trotting lifestyle to stay with him on his ranch or would she take Gerri up on her offer to meet other shifters?

This is an adult, 18+ story which contains language and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

“Save A Horse” is part of the Paranormal Dating Agency World.  More information about this amazing line of Shifter Tales can be found on the Paranormal Dating Agency World page.

Title:  Save A Horse
Series:  Paranormal Dating Agency World
Author:  Jennifer Wedmore
Published:  September 25, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

We return once again to Gerri Wilder and the Paranormal Dating Agency World with a funny, steamy and touching romp that is sure to provide chuckles and have one particular song running through your mind throughout this story.

I had fun with “Save A Horse”.  I haven’t read many horse shifter stories, but they are a unique shifter story setup.  Riley is a bold, strong character who intends to interview every type of shifter she can discover.  A letter from Gerri Wilder provides even more access… and perhaps a date with destiny, even though the last thing Riley is looking for is to be set up with a mate.  No, thank you very much.

TC’s work with abused, neglected or abandoned horses struck a chord with me as animal abuse is one of my triggers.  I cannot understand how humans can destroy such trusting creatures as they often do… but that is another soapbox I’ll not be stepping on right now.  He might have been blindsided by Riley’s visit and ready to kick her out… but discovering she is his mate changes everything.

There is humor, steam, some truly inept rodents to deal with and an underlying message of hope for animals that need it most in this story.  I’m curious to see where Kat and Graham might travel in life, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for their story one day…. or at least for the answers that Graham seeks.  I had a good time with “Save A Horse”.  It wasn’t perfect, but I’ve yet to find that “perfect” in every way book… I was delivered an entertaining, enjoyable story and that is certainly good enough for me.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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