Second Chance Alpha by Lola Gabriel

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When Chessa comes back to town, Noah will once again claim her as his own and won’t let anything get in his way.

Nine years ago, Chessa walked away from her hometown and from Noah, the future alpha of the bear pack in District 175. Knowing Noah was immortal and she would get old and die, Chessa left him rather than one day become a burden to him.

Noah has never stopped loving Chessa, and now he’s found a way she might be able to become immortal. There’s just one problem: Raina, the female bear Noah’s parents are insisting he marry.

Can Noah and Chessa find a way to defy all of the odds and be together? Or has too much time elapsed for them to pick up where they left off?

Titles in the District Shifters series include – Second Chance Alpha – Shifting Loyalty – Wolf’s Secret – Protected by the Dragon – 

Title:  Second Chance Alpha
Series:  District Shifters
Author:  Lola Gabriel
Published:  February 1, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Second Chance Alpha begins the District Shifters series with a tale of second chance love, fated mates, and a vile villain underground movement, The Matchmakers.

Although Chessa and Noah were young, in love, and at least Noah was planning a future together – Chessa had other plans for college and long after.  Noah is a bear shifter, the son of the current Alpha.  Chessa is a human, and humans rarely survive the turning – and Chessa just couldn’t make herself become a burden to Noah as she aged and he would not.  Her mind was made up… and she delivered that news in a most unusual timing, one certain to drive her point home.  They separated but neither was ever far from the other’s mind or heart.  Nine years passed…

Noah is being forced to take a mate by his father.  Chessa has returned home to tend to her mother – worlds collide once again.  Yet this time, Noah isn’t about to let Chessa go so easily for he has new information that could provide a way for them to have that future she’s so afraid of.  If Chessa has one particular protein, Sanmere, in her blood she could survive the turning and be able to have Noah’s children as well.  It’s a big “if” but Noah is insistent that she at least try.  Her decision will have repercussions — for it’s not only Noah who knows about the protein but the Matchmakers also know and now Chessa is in grave danger.

Second Chance Alpha is a tense, gripping story that sets the coming series up nicely and gives us a couple to care about and root for their happiness to become a reality.  I wanted to smack Noah’s father upside the head so many times for his stubbornness.  Of course, I couldn’t but I wanted to so – badly.  I enjoyed Noah and Chessa, they have a sizzling chemistry that heats through the page.  We’ll also meet some characters that I hope will find their own happy ending at some point in this series – good thing I can binge-read this one.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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