Seduced by Bear Doctor by Lisa Daniels

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As if I needed the bar fight to highlight just how horrible the night was going to be.

I did not expect one of them to pull out a knife.

And when I would have sworn things couldn’t get worse,  A dreamy-eyed, perfectly-toned doctor tried to take care of my wounds.

I escaped him once, but fate wasn’t going to let me go.  The unexpected delight of seeing him completely out of his element with two kids is too much for me to ignore!

That’s when I really should have protected my heart. The way his clear blue eyes looked so lost made him seem almost human.


Finding out that he is the eldest son of the prominent Ott family was only half the problem – they are a family of bear shifters. And I’ve caught his eye.

Titles in the Bear Heroes of New York series include — Seduced by Bear Firefighter —♦— Seduced by Bear Doctor —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Booksprout ARC

Title:  Seduced by Bear Doctor
Series:  Bear Heroes of New York #2
Author:  Lisa Daniels
Published:  June 24, 2022
My Rating:  4 stars

Seduced by Bear Doctor continues the Bear Heroes of New York series with a story of desperation leading to finding a home with the right person.

Juniper has been on the run from her own family, an abusive family who would just as soon sell her to a man who has no trouble dreaming of the abuse he can deliver to his soon-to-be wife, as they would killing her themselves for daring to run away from their wishes.  She’s settled in New York, taken work as a bartender, and blended in as much as a shifter can.  She knows better than to stay in one spot for too long, and her time here has just about run out.  The fight she breaks up that night, the knife to the gut she has to somehow explain surviving, and the doctor who just happened to be there (and happens to be a shifter himself) has pushed that need to run once again to immediately since someday soon is no longer safe for Juniper.

What neither Sawyer nor Juniper expected was to discover that the arguing, sniping, and bantering between them hid deeper feelings… and that was going to be a major issue since she was in their territory without their official knowledge.  Soon trouble will be delivered to her door and the choice to run or stand and fight is entirely in Juniper’s court.

I enjoyed Seduced by Bear Doctor.  There are some nasty villains to loathe, a very large family of outgoing bear shifters to love, trust to be won, and hearts to mend enough to see the perfect partner right in front of their eyes.

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