Seduction by Elle Thorne

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SeductionTitle:  Seduction
Series:  Shifters Forever #2
Author:  Elle Thorne
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  February 7, 2015
Publisher:  Barbed Borders Press
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Astra Evans is a curvy, delicious firebrand who thinks that the only good shifter is a dead shifter.

With two exceptions, of course. ?

And Kane Ortiz is NOT one of those exceptions.  Kane’s a mountain-sized grizzly bear shifter who wants one thing.  To avoid a group of shifters hunting him down.

Except he’s got a problem. Astra. That damned, sexy, hottie with the curves that don’t end.  Good luck, Kane. You’re gonna need it.

These hot, sexy shifters believe in physical love, lots of it so.. 18+ readers

Read on for my thoughts on Seduction.

There was one thing in life that Astra hated with a passion – shifters.  Well, maybe not all shifters, Doc and Grant were the exceptions.  But her hatred was well deserved as shifters had killed her mother years ago.  Sw when she got an odd invitation from Grant to come to his home for potluck dinner with him and his mate Chelsea,  Astra reluctantly agreed.  The moment she walked into the den she knew and directed a look at Grant which he shrugged off.  Then she glared at the other breathtakingly handsome man in the room.  Shifter.  Wounded shifter.

Kane was on the run from a group of rovers, shifter mercenaries if you will.  A while back Kane had come upon a scuffle between larger bear shifters and a smaller tiger shifter.  It soon became obvious that they were up to no good and he jumped in on the tiger’s side quickly sending the attacking bears on the run.  It also put him on the radar of someone powerful enough to pay for retribution.  They had recently found Kane and ambushed him.  Although he got away, it wasn’t without some damage.

There are only a few ways to truly kill a shifter.  Decapitate them, and by the bite of a touched shifter.  Separation from their animal spirit will cause any shifter to become more human and much easier to kill.  It was this fear that had Grant contacting Astra, to ensure that Kane had not been bitten by a touched shifter.

Astra’s hatred of shifters warred with her medical calling and with her unwanted strong attraction to Kane.  Kane and his bear knew that Astra was their mate – and they would do anything to claim her, even put up with her hatred, until they could change that to passion.  Astra has devised a plan to get this shifter out of the valley fast, so she agreed to take him to the mountain cabin Grant offered him to stay in while he mended and decided what to do next.  Her plan was get him out of town, his plan was seduction and a lifelong mate.  It’s a battle of wills and love – and winner takes all.

Seduction is a sexy, smoldering fast paced story ripe with shifter sexiness and a deepening of the characters in the Shifters Forever series.  It is in this story that we are introduced to a majestic white tiger, Vax who will have his own spin-off series down the line.  Astra and Kane’s love story is passionate, and charming.  She really doesn’t want to love a shifter or acknowledge her unique gifts – but for the love of one sexy shifter Astra will learn that hate and love are divided by a very thin line… one Kane is not afraid to cross.

I enjoyed Seduction very much as the series and the town are slowly coming together.  If you love paranormal romance, shifters, and a very good detailed story that will have you flipping pages fast – then Seduction is a story you need to get your hands on.

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