Shifting Fate by Wren Michaels

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Sylvia Schneider loves her some Navy SEALs, but only the ones she creates digitally for the video game she’s producing with Noah Wright. Devastated by the death of her military fiance, she hasn’t dated in two years, much less left her apartment. But when Noah asks her to introduce the new game at a convention in Vegas, she’s forced out of the house and her shell. To top off her already building anxiety, she’s been getting nasty-grams from someone claiming she stole their game design. Threats on her life send her to Gerri, owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency, for a shifter bodyguard. Sylvia is adamant that it’s just for the weekend, and just for an escort, and not that kind of escort.

Braxton “Brawn” O’Brien was the runt of his pack. He left home to make a name for himself as a Navy SEAL, where as even the smallest wolf, he towers among the humans, using his preternatural abilities to save lives. But lately his wolf side has been battling anger issues, and the rage inside him cannot be quelled. He’s forced into medical leave to figure out what the problem is, or his military career is over.

When Gerri hooks Braxton up with a bodyguard gig while on leave, he hopes she can also find him a mate to satisfy the beast roaring inside him. One look at his charge, Sylvia, and he knows she’s the one. The problem is then convincing the spunky, yet shy human of the same. When the threats on her life turn into attacks, Braxton will hunt until his last breath to keep his mate safe. But Sylvia’s got secrets of her own, that may make or break the mating bond. 

Paranormal Dating Agency: Shifting Fate is part of the Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle Worlds and the Breaking the SEAL series  A list to titles for the Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle Worlds can be found on its very own page by following that link.

Title:  Shifting Fate
Series:  Breaking the SEAL #3, Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle Worlds
Author:  Wren Michaels
Published:  March 30, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

I had fun with this hot and steamy romance from the Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle Worlds.  Everything you need to know to decide to pick up this gem is in the story blurb.  But I can guarantee that you’ll be wanting to check this one out real soon.

Sylvia and Braxton heat up the pages.  There is danger, definitely steamy sexy times and some secrets to be revealed in a surprising fashion.  I completely enjoyed this one and I would definitely recommend it to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader.  I’d be more lengthy, but to do that I’d have to give away spoilers – and that would not do at all.  Try this one, I think you’ll love it.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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