Something Different by Kiki Howell

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Samantha Morgan is an independent witch who owns her own yoga studio. Not at all interested in finding a man for more than a good workout between the sheets, she agrees to a fix up to appease her mother. Enter Gerri Wilder, an old friend of her mother’s and owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency. While stories about Gerri’s matches are larger than life, Sam thinks she is immune to the woman’s gifts in matchmaking.

For Samantha, Gerri tries something different by setting Sam up with Ian Michalson, a wealthy black panther shifter, in order to have her meet a friend of his who is as stubborn as she is when it comes to dating. Gerri claims this mystery man will be her savior, in a metaphorical sense, the one to capture her heart, make her stop fearing love. Only problem is, as she continues to date Ian, a nice enough guy who seems to be more than willing to be in on Gerri’s plan, all Sam can do is wonder which of Ian’s friends or associates this savior of hers could be, all the while hoping it isn’t his bodyguard, Jacob, because her physical attraction to him is dangerously off the charts.

After two weeks of dating Ian, much longer than she ever intended to let this misaligned plan go on, Ian ends up in a war with a rival pride over a business deal. When this rival pride loses the deal, they try to kidnap Sam for revenge and blackmail, thinking her more important to Ian than she is. Yet, it is Jacob, Ian’s bodyguard who ends up becoming her literal savior that day. On the run to save her life, one of two things will happen: Sam and Jacob will kill each other in stubborn fights about how to keep her safe, or they will give into whatever has sparked between them.

Title:  Something Different
Series:  Paranormal Dating Agency – Kindle Worlds
Author:  Kiki Howell
Published:  September 3, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I would strongly suggest that you also read (near the same time) the companion story Someone Different by Gina Kincade as both stories are connected in both characters and impact.  I don’t know that it truly matter which story you read first, though I did read this one, Something Different, second and the emotional impact of the first story carried over very well to this one.  The cover blurb gives you a very descriptive set up of the story so I won’t go there.

I enjoyed Something Different very much.  It certainly packs an emotional punch on several levels.  I will admit that it took a few chapters for me to really warm up to Sam, she is one stubborn witch who refuses to fall in love because love can hurt beyond reason.  What she doesn’t get yet is that having that love and the memories that love provides makes up for the loss of a loved one… but she’ll learn.  The attraction between Samantha and Jacob sizzles throughout their romance.  Two very stubborn people.  When disaster and danger strikes it’s then that this story heats up, tempers flair and Sam gets a true idea of what love is worth.

I hope, at some point, we will get to learn how Sam and Jacob are doing after the fallout settles.  Without giving away spoilers, I’d definitely like to know more… and that is what a good book delivers, the need to know more.  I’d definitely recommend these two stories for any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader.  Intriguing plots, interesting characters, steamy times and danger… that’s exactly how I love my Romances.

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