Survivor Bear by Harmony Raines

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When bear shifter bodyguard Linda gets on a small plane with her best friend she has no idea how her life is about to change. Especially when her mate climbs on board too. 

But what should be a happy event soon ends in disaster when the pilot bails on them and the plane crashes into the side of a mountain. 
A race against time means Linda and her mate, Craig, must work together to get everyone safely down off the mountain. But when secrets are revealed, and lives are threatened, it’s going to take all their courage and strength to make it back to Bear Creek. 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale

Titles in the Bear Creek Protectors series include:  Bodyguard Bear – Survivor Bear

This series connects in some ways to the Bear Creek series, the Bear Bluff series, as well as the Return to Bear Bluff series and the Return to Bear Creek series.  Characters from all these series seem to visit in quite a neighborly fashion *grin* between Bear Creek and Bear Bluff… so if you haven’t checked them out the list of connecting series is on the Harmony Raines page.

Title:  Survivor Bear
Series:  Bear Creek Protectors #2
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  October 26, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Survivor Bear brings us Craig and Linda’s story.  Both bear shifters, both in the protection business as bodyguards.  Neither has found their mate yet and both have reached that point in life where they’re beginning to wonder if they ever will.  So, for now their work consumes them.  When Linda gets a call from her best friend for help she knows it’s bad because Gina is stubborn and capable of handling anything.  Craig is meeting his client who is the most unlikely person to use a protection service he’s seen yet.  There’s something about Joaquin that just doesn’t fit.  Both Linda and Craig are on their guard and neither realize that all four are about to board a plane that will change all of their lives forever.

I was fully engrossed in Survivor Bear.  It’s definitely full of suspense, suspicions, hidden facts and that very special moment when mates meet for the first time.  It was very easy to get caught up in Craig’s and Linda’s story, especially trying to figure out who the bad guys are.  Oh, I know the named one, it’s the unnamed ones that have me wracking my brain about previous stories to try to figure that part out… and maybe they’re new, I hope we eventually find out for it’s a mystery to me even now.  In any event, I had a blast, and I’m waiting on Flint’s story soon.  If you love Shifters then this one is a great addition to the Bear Creek Protectors series.

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