Temptation by Elle Thorne

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TemptationTitle:  Temptation
Series:  Shifters Forever #5
Author:  Elle Thorne
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  June 15, 2015
Publisher:  Barbed Borders Press
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Joe’s got a problem. There’s a curvy bear shifter trespassing in Bear Canyon Valley. And he’s been charged with taking care of the matter.

Looks like he’s got two problems, because he didn’t count on wanting her.
She’s a curvy bear shifter that wants to be left alone. Tell that to Joe.

Hot ‘n sexy shifters who believe in lots of physical lovin’ – so, 18+ readers.

Read on for my thoughts on Temptation.

The mamma bear was trying Joe’s patience.  And Joe had a lot of patience.  He’d put food out for the shifter mother and her child.  He spoke to her but she has refused to reply… until today.  She’s protective of her son, she’s on the run from people who are truly evil and she trusts no one.  She has good reason to feel that way.

There is evil lurking in the forests surrounding Bear Canyon Valley.  Joe trusts the instincts that his heritage has passed down to him, along with his sniper training and living among shifters for so many years.  He doesn’t understand what has terrified Sara so much that she refused to take refuge with the other shifters in the area.. hell, she won’t even shelter with him and he knows as well as she does that they are mates.

When Sara is wounded and Joe must take her and her son back to his home in order to save her life, he has no true understanding of the evil that will descend upon his community in search of Sara and her child.  But he will, and soon.

Sara’s instinct is to run.  Joe’s is to stand and protect.  As their emotions wage a war and passion sets their lives on a path that has only one outcome, Joe and Sara must make choices and hope that they are the right ones.

Temptation was a very intense story.  Evil has been introduced into the community and every person who calls this sanctuary home must fight to protect what they have here.  A woman who will do anything to protect her child must decide to trust a human to protect them both.  That’s not going to be easy.

The shifters of Shifters Forever have bonded and mated with their loves.  We now come to the final story in the original series before it begins to divide into spinoffs.  I’m looking forward to this last piece of the puzzle that is Bear Canyon Valley and what will happen to our couples next.

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