The Hunt: Masquerade by Milly Taiden

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Rush Jensen, wolf shifter and failing hotel owner, has always lived in the shadow of his family’s sordid history. His entire life has been spent trying to regain what was lost: the family money and the prestigious name attached to it. When his flighty brother makes a shady deal with a loan shark, there is more than the crumbling family business to save. That is what he should focus on. Not the beautiful masked woman he meets at a masquerade – even if she is his mate.

Chantal Katz is an upcoming designer who can’t believe her luck when she gets invited to the year’s shifter party. Not only is she human, but she isn’t a glamorous society lady. She just likes to design gowns. But her plan to leave the masquerade is ruined when she runs into a handsome masked stranger. She just didn’t expect the one-night stand to turn into anything – especially not love.

The attraction is undeniable. Especially when Rush finds Chantal after her morning-after disappearing act. They could be incredible together, Rush knows that. Too bad the past just won’t leave these destined mates alone.

Although this is stated to be a Stand-Alone Title there is a connection, slight, to The Hunt (same world).

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  The Hunt: Masquerade
Series:  connection to The Hunt
Author:  Milly Taiden
Published:  December 11, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Although there is a slight connection (same world, some familiar characters) The Hunt: Masquerade is described as a stand-alone title — it’s often difficult to be 100% certain but I’ve read the book that connects so I’m comfortable saying that much.  And you don’t have to have read The Hunt to enjoy Rush and Chantal’s story, but I’m thinking you’d enjoy Dax and Willow’s story as well.  That choice is up to you.

Rush is part of a famous hotel family.  And by part, I mean a disowned part of that family, an act that happened generations ago but is still felt to this day.  So, while Rush’s relatives come from the very rich and posh side of their family, Rush and his brother do not – and thanks to his little brother their hotel kingdom is in deep trouble.  Getting in deep with a loan shark is never a good idea and now Rush is at the family Hunt or the Masquerade to try to ask for help… a challenging prospect for certain.  The very last person Rush thought to encounter was his mate.  Yet, there she was in all her glorious beauty… even if she couldn’t see that.

Chantal is at this famous Masquerade not by her own choosing but because a client she’s created the perfect dress for is having an anxiety attack and needs Chacha (a nickname) there, right now.  She might have prevented a disaster but all she wanted to do was go home to her solo celebrations but that wasn’t her luck for here she was in one of her own gowns at the party like she belonged.  She didn’t, not really, but for one night she could pretend.  But there was no pretending about the man who swept her off her feet, or felt like he belonged to her, or was determined to keep her at his side… always.

Rush and Chantal are perfect together, and I loved watching Rush convince his mate of that fact.  The family division is about to be shaken up a bit, a very bad guy put in his place, and an extremely happy ever after for two people who are just right for each other.  I had fun with The Hunt: Masquerade – and if you love a good, sexy, emotional Shifter tale then you’ll want to check this one out.

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