The Official Reading List of T. S. Joyce by T. S. Joyce

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**This is the official reading list of T. S. Joyce, approved and released by the author**

I figured if there are unofficial reading lists out there, I’m gonna put the real one out, keep it updated, charge less, answer interview questions from you, and put some extra bonus material in there. This is the only author-approved reading list about my books. Links are included for Amazon US, UK, CA, and AU for each book. Highlight to check off the books as you make your way through the list. I’m happy to still send you the simple format of reading orders in messages!

– The reading order for Damon’s Mountains (Including links)
– The reading list in order by release date (Including links)
– Damon’s Mountains family tree
– T. S. Joyce’s first public interview, with questions from readers

– Personal pictures of the real 1010
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Title:  The Official Reading List of T. S. Joyce
Series:  —
Author:  T. S. Joyce
Published:  July 16, 2019
My Rating:  5 stars

If you’ve ever wondered which series to begin your Damon’s Mountains experience with — or the real story behind the now infamous 1010 — or exactly who is related to who within the connected series that make up much of Damon’s Mountains… then you are in for a treat straight from the author herself.

The Official Reading List of T. S. Joyce is the perfect companion to your reading enjoyment of anything by T. S. Joyce.  I’m a reader who prefers to read in order from the start to the ending – or the continuing ending for now – and this Reading List answers many questions, plus just gives that special insight into the creative mind of an author who has created some amazing characters.

If you’re looking for the official reading list, one that comes from the storytelling master herself – then you’ll want to pick this one up to keep track of what you’ve read, want to read, or simply need to get caught up with.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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