Trying to Find Normal in a World Far From Normal Right Now

Posted April 13, 2020 by Marsha in Shifter Haven Discussion / 0 Comments

Like most folks, my family and I have self-isolated during (and also leading up to) this deadly virus outbreak.  Normal doesn’t look, sound, or feel quite the same – I’m sure that’s true in your home as well.

We’ve been in official self-isolation since March 12, 2020, and as that month anniversary has recently passed – well, I miss like crazy being able to just go out beyond the mailbox or the back patio.  But, I’m content as one can possibly be with staying home, staying in so that not only my family but others can be safe (or as safe as possible) right now.  I’ll admit to a bit of a mourning period for that past life that I so took for granted.  I’ve played more video games, watched more streaming shows, read more books — basically escaping into my own comfort zone.  I’ve not done a lot of writing, my mind just hasn’t been wrapped around many upbeat ways to write reviews lately.

But that changed today.  I came to the realization that “this” is normal now – and I’d better get with the program for wasting one day seems so very foolish considering the world I live in right now.

I’ve read a lot, as I mentioned, and I’ve begun putting those reviews up on the blog.  I’ve tried, when possible to have backdated those posts to around the time I actually read the book.  Once I get caught up then I’ll go back to every other day postings.  It’s my normal, or it was and I’m determined that it will be again.

So, I’m sorta sorry if I’m jamming up your email notifications or your Twitter feed – but they’re all good stories you might want to check out.  🙂

You take care of you and yours as best you can – and I’ll keep doing the same here.  Be well my shifter loving book friends.