Turn of the Moon by L. P. Dover

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Turn Of The MoonTitle:  Turn of the Moon
Series:  Royal Shifters #1
Author:  L. P. Dover
Published:  August 24, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

One girl. Two wolves. Promised to one. Destined for the other.

To escape the cruel, overbearing, Kade, the Yukon Pack alpha she’s been promised to, Bailey Whitehill flees her home in search of a new life, one of freedom where she can make her own choices. However, Kade will stop at nothing to make her his and begins the hunt.

As Bailey starts her new life, everything she’s known to be true, is not. Time is of the essence and choices have to be made or consequences suffered. Not only does Bailey fear Kade, but another danger lurks deep in the recesses of the forest. Unbeknownst to her, that danger is what she’s been searching for all along. At the turn of the moon, her fate hangs in the balance . . . and it’s up to her to make the right choice.

Shifters are very sexual creatures, mates have no inhibitions in showing their love for each other in any way at all – that said, this is an 18+, adult tale.

Read on for my thoughts on Turn of the Moon.

Turn of the Moon brings another aspect into the lore of Shifters.  In L. P. Dover’s Shifter world there is a line of Royal Shifters descended from the Ancients.  These Shifters have additional abilities, powers and while there are few left those that remain are extremely well hidden and powerful.  There are those unique Shifters of the Royal line who have taken on the role of protector to other younger members – we will meet Royal Shifters and their Royal Protectors in this world.  It adds another layer to the lore, and makes for some very interesting story twists and turns.

Bailey has been betrayed by her parents.  As a rare Alpha female, she is being offered up as mate to the Alpha of another pack, a mean, vicious, nasty wolf who has not an ounce of compassion within him.  His goal is power, greed and taking what he wants with no thought to anyone else.  Bailey despises Kade and will do anything to avoid being mated to him… including leaving her home and becoming rogue, hoping to find another pack, a place of safety …and the wolf who she instinctively knows is out there, her true mate.  Somehow she will find him.

Ryker is Bailey’s true mate.  After the death of his father, he and his mother had been banished from their pack for reasons unknown to us in the beginning..  Eventually Ryder gathered his own pack, not keeping to only his “kind” all wolves who would accept him as Alpha and live by the rules of the pack were welcomed.  It is toward Ryker’s pack that Bailey is moving across country in her bid for freedom.  She doesn’t realize that she is on a direct course to her true mate, she only knows that she is being pulled in one definite direction.

Turn of the Moon is full of twists and turns, intense action and very sexy moments between mates.  There are enough plot twists and hidden information that I don’t really feel comfortable saying too much in order to avoid spoilers.

I really enjoyed this world, there is enough of the familiar lore and enough of new concepts to make it a truly page turning story.  I loved Sebastian, who is Bailey’s royal protector… he is arrogant, sexy and so powerful.  I’ve found his perfect mate, so I’m heading for the second story soon to find out if I was right.  These are characters who will stay with you and it seems to be enough “main” character possibilities to have several stories told in the Royal Shifters series.  I certainly can’t wait to read their tales.

If you love Shifters and enjoy a slightly different view of their world, then I think that Turn of the Moon would be a story you should have on your radar.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle