Wait For Me by Moxie North

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Welcome to Aurora Falls. Home of platter-sized pancakes, the Northern Lights, and… a lake full of finned immortal warriors in search of their mates. This mountain getaway is full of sexy shimmering secrets just waiting to be revealed… 

A gentle fighter…. 
After spending her childhood plagued by illness, Skye Brooks travels to Aurora Falls to expand her education and learn the art of natural healing. In a small town under the Northern Lights she finds her purpose in helping others. She never expects to meet a man that would change her life beyond her wildest dreams. 

Centuries spent underwater… 
Koll knew that the chances of breaking the curse that kept him below the surface of Sapphire Lake were small. Over the years he’d only had small glimpses of the changing world outside the lake. If he could find her, the only one who could break the spell, and convince her they were meant to be together, he could live like a free man again. 

A chance encounter, a moment in time; that was all it would take to change the future of two people. Will this shy young woman be able to believe in magic and the hope that fairy-tales do come true or will reality and logic ruin Koll’s opportunity to leave his watery prison behind forever? 

While this story might not be about Shifters in the strictest sense, it still follows the strong, sexual content warning that I give for all the Shifter stories reviewed here at Shifter Haven — 18+, adult readers.

Wait For Me is part of a multi-author series.  Please visit our Sapphire Lake – Mountain Mermaids page to see all of the titles and authors in this series

Title:  Wait For Me
Series:  Mountain Mermaids –  Sapphire Lake
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  August 2, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

There’s a new multi-author series, Mountain Mermaids – Sapphire Lake, out that is offering a unique type of Shifter tale.  Not like we might be used to, but shape-changers nonetheless.  Since the titles aren’t in a numbered order, I picked up Moxie North’s Wait For Me to begin because, frankly, I know her work, love her stories and believe that she delivers a story that I will, at the least, enjoy and usually just fall in love with.  The others are new to me authors, and that’s also a good thing for now I get a taste of their work and perhaps find new stories to escape into.

The general premise of the series is that 500 years ago a love went wrong, and an entire clan was cursed to live within a lake as mermen and mermaids.  During the 3 days of the full moon they could once again walk on land, but must return to the lake… unless they meet their one true love, then they could make the choice between land and water.  That’s the basics, any more and it’s going to spoil it for you discovering the delicious details for yourself.

In Wait For Me we meet Koll, who has pretty much given up hopes of finding his true love in only 3 day’s time.  He enjoys his time out of the lake visiting with his brother (who did find his love) and their new son.  He conducts clan business and just enjoys being on land, always keeping an eye out for possibilities but never really believing he’d get that lucky… right up until he bumped right into her, and he knew.  Now how can he convince a shy, modern day woman to believe in curses, mermen and true love in such a short amount of time.

Skye has traveled to Aurora Falls to do some learning in the healing arts.  She’s a shy, quiet woman who keeps to herself mostly because she was quite ill as a child and never really had the chance to develop close friendships.  She wants to give back and healing, alternative healing, fascinates her.  She came to this quaint tiny town to take some classes, escape for a few weeks and return home… what she’ll find here will change her view on so many tings most of all on herself.

I enjoyed Koll and Skye’s story very much.  She’s just enough open minded, and just enough totally confused and suspicious that her reactions are completely believable.  Koll is a sexy warrior, a man of determination and surprisingly a very patient man as well.  We also have a bit of a stalker situation to add to the mix.  I had fun, Wait For Me gave me enough of a taste for this world that I now want to read more.  If you’re in the mood for something a little bit different, then I’d suggest checking out this series, Mountain Mermaids – Sapphire Lake for yourself – perhaps you also know some of the authors involved.  Now I’m heading back to pick out another book to continue.

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