War Bear of Piston by T. S. Joyce

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Something terrible has happened to Foster. Ghosts from his Alpha’s past have used him as an unwitting pawn in their game of revenge. He is a werewolf who was forced to dig up something evil that has changed the makeup of who he is. His wolf has been replaced with a titan bear who has little memory of his past, and now Foster and his new shifter animal, Biergon, must go on an adventure to try and figure out where they belong. He can’t go back to Stryker’s Pack, but never in a million years would Foster have guessed he would end up in the wilds of Alaska, right in the middle of a war for power. And the craziest part about it? His new inner bear is the former King, and he has a mate waiting for his return. The bear Clans of Alaska exist in a completely different world than the one he recognizes, and all the rules are different…including the rules regarding mates. The bears in these Clans need to be taught some manners, and as Foster gets to know the fierce and beguiling queen he has been paired with, he begins to think he is exactly the shifter to do it.

A few months ago, Jaydah lost her mate, Biergon. In just a few short days, her mourning period will be finished, and she will be promised to another. But when she sees the stranger with Biergon’s eyes on the banks of her river, she knows something horrible has happened. There are legends of shifters switching animals, but she’s never seen one before, and now? Biergon is different. He is kinder and more protective. His new human side is making her feel like love matches do exist—but if she helps Biergon take his throne back, she will be punished for treason against the bears in her Clan who are fighting to be the new king. Until now, she has had no say in her destiny, but for the first time ever, someone…Foster…is listening to her. And if he can find it in his heart to grant her enough power, together they can change everything for her people.

Titles in the Bears of Slaughter Mountain series include — War Bear of Piston —♦— Defender of Slaughter Mountain —♦—

*This series connects to the Stark’s Mountains universe, and while you don’t need to have read all the series that connect to enjoy the Bears of Slaughter Mountain series, I would strongly recommend reading the other series in this universe which include — Oath of BaneThe Wolves of Promise FallsWolves of PistonBears of Slaughter Mountain.  The Wolves of Piston opens the doors for the Bears of Slaughter Mountain; if you can only go back for one that is the one I’d suggest.*

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Title:  War Bear of Piston
Series:  Bears of Slaughter Mountain #1
Author:  T.S. Joyce
Published:  February 10, 2023
My Rating:  4.5

War Bear of Piston begins the Bears of Slaughter Mountain series, which is part of the connecting Stark’s Mountains universe, with a powerful story that ignited my imagination for these are shifters like we don’t often encounter.  This clan’s ways are outrageously horrendous, and that leads to an intensity to this opening story that cannot be denied.  The Cover Description gives you everything (and more than I’d include in a review) you’d possibly need to know to be drawn into this world.  Frankly, if that blurb doesn’t grab you then I don’t know what would.

I loved everything about this story.  It’s the first time I’ve encountered a situation where a shifter’s animal is replaced by another… and what a hook that is for Foster and Jaydah’s romance.  She is mated to his bear, Biergon, who is the king of this clan.  As his mate, Jaydah is a valuable ally in changing the way things have always been done for her people… a way that keeps women in bondage, under the absolute control of their, oftentimes, cruel, power-hungry mates.  Yet, Foster is understandably angry, and somewhat lost as he’s left his pack and knows his wolf, his other half is dead replaced by an arrogant bear.  Neither wanted this unnatural blending, but both are faced with dealing with each other for the rest of their lives.  And that’s not always going to be easy.

Watching the women we’ll meet in this opening story was fascinating and uplifting as we’re shown how they’re treated by their clan, and what they’ll risk saving Foster and Jaydah while fighting for their own freedom to choose.  I am excited to discover their stories as well, for the women I met here are about to have their lives changed by picking a side, choosing freedom over accepting cruelty as a normal mating.

As the danger increases for both Foster and Jaydah, we’ll see how one man can make a difference, how one woman who is learning her own power can lead others to freedom… and along the way, we’ll run into some familiar faces from the other series within this world.  And that is a huge part of why I love this author’s work; just because a story comes to an ending doesn’t mean we’ll never encounter those couples again in the future.

If you love a Shifter Romance that is well-written, intense, steamy, and brings another level of imagination to your reading life… then you’ll want to get started on this series soon.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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