Welcome To Shifter Haven

Posted December 5, 2015 by Marsha in Shifter Haven Discussion / 0 Comments

white tiger greneryHi there, welcome to Shifter Haven!

I have been fascinated by the Paranormal Romance Shifter world since I read my first Shifter romance many years ago.

I’ve always loved the Big Cats and wolves – and I’ve come to have a soft spot for the bears as well.

The idea of a genetic twist that can allow some people to have a dual life, one living as human and the other as their animal – two separate beings encased in one body – has been one that captured my imagination.  And over time, that same idea has brought so many wonderful ( and some meh type ) Shifter stories to us all.

I run several genre specific book review blogs and one main hodgepodge review blog that covers most romance genres.  The links to all of my review blogs are over there in the sidebar if you’d like to visit them.  And now I’ve added a devoted shifters blog to that list.

I read a lot of Paranormal Romance, and perhaps half of that reading is about Shifters.  And I will admit that I have my favorites – and some just honestly creep me out.. but I’ll still read them, after all they’re still Shifters.  Give me a lion, tiger, panther, wolf or bear anyday over a snake.  But that’s me.  🙂

There is one thing to be aware of.  Most Shifter Romances are very erotic, very sensual and extremely sexual.  So while there is really no way to keep someone off of this site – be aware that the reviews here will most often be for readers 18+ years of age.

I hope that you enjoy your time here and that i can recommend some fantastic Shifter Romance novels, novellas or series for your reading pleasure.


*There may be times that I will repost a review that was originally posted on one of my other blogs – when that happens it will be clearly marked as being a dual posting.  Rest assured that I originally wrote both posts and perhaps have added a bit more to make them unique to here.*