White Mountain Shifters Collection by Lisa Carlisle

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Want an entire series in just one book?  Once you check out these titles, I’m thinking the answer is going to be “Oh, hell, yeah!”

I loved every title in the White Mountain Shifters Collection.  Each of the three stories is intense, sizzling, at times funny, and at times danger-filled… but always a great read with believable characters (yeah, I know paranormal but still), a smooth storyline that will keep you engaged, and secondary characters you’ll want to know more about.

Right now, you can get them all in one collection, one book, one price.  What’s not to love about that?  Really!

In this collection, you’ll find – The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate, The Wolf and His Forbidden Witch, and The Alpha and His Enemy Wolf.

Read on for the cover descriptions of these three titles.


The Reluctant Wolf & His Fated Mate

Mates were trouble. That’s why Damon must refuse his wolf.

Pack enforcer Damon is reluctant to find his mate after his father went mad losing his. When Damon meets Sophie, the attraction is overwhelming, but he must let her go.

And he regrets it.

Later, he detects Sophie’s scent while on patrol at his pack’s ski mountain. She may be in trouble. He must follow her.
But she’s stepped into another pack’s forbidden territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he’ll break the treaty with their rivals.

Mates weren’t just trouble, they could lead a shifter to spark a war…

The Wolf & His Forbidden Witch

Tensions are brewing between the packs.

After a wolf from another pack has been killed, Grayson, the beta of the Franconia pack and CFO of a mountain resort, strives to avoid more bloodshed. When negotiations sour, he brings in a witch as an outside mediator.

Aurora heads to the White Mountains to mediate between wolf packs. Wolf shifters are notorious for their stubborn, territorial nature. She wants to hurry up and finish the job and return back to Salem.

But when she meets Grayson, he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met. She promises to help him save his pack. Yet, an unexpected attraction grows.

Grayson recognizes Aurora as his mate, but he must ignore the yearning.

They must work together to prevent a pack war, not fall prey to temptation…

The Alpha & His Enemy Wolf

Negotiations have failed. War is brewing between rival packs.

Mila, a Sacco wolf, is more than happy to sabotage operations at a rival’s ski resort. They’d killed an enforcer, breaking the treaty between the packs. But she’s caught red-handed and brought to the alpha of the Franconia pack.

When Rafe meets Mila, the recognition shocks him. She’s not only his enemy–she’s his mate.

Now what?

He’s been searching for his mate for years. How can she belong to a rival pack?

Rafe makes her an offer. He’ll hold off on retaliation against her pack if she spends one week with him.

Can Mila survive seven days, one week without succumbing to her wolf’s desires to her fated enemy?

I own a Kindle edition of these titles.

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