Winter by Reina Torres

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Aaron Winter has waited for nearly two decades to claim his mate and now he has his chance. He’s going to do everything he can to convince Celeste that she’s the only one for him… and his bear.

He’s had two dreams in his life: Turning Mystic Mountain Resort into a getaway for shapeshifters and to have Celeste at his side. The town is excited as nearly all the residents are shifters themselves.

Celeste Olwin is at a turning point in her life. She raised her kids as a single mom, with Aaron as her friend and rock. She was already half in love with the man.

But Aaron has always kept his emotional distance from her and after all of this time, he’s offering her a dream. There are still some questions she has about him, something she’s sure he’s hiding from her. She’s not sure if she can take that leap, because if he broke her heart now, she’d never survive.
Aaron knows he has to tell her who he really is if this is going to work between them, but to drag up old memories into the darkest night of her life may set her against him forever. Still, he can’t give up.

He’ll move a mountain to prove that he’ll protect her and love her like no one else could because they were meant to be.

Titles in the Mystic Mountain series include – Winter

(there is a slight – at this time – connection to the Sylvan City Alphas series and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see some familiar faces at some point, perhaps)  🙂

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Winter
Series:  Mystic Mountain #1
Author:  Reina Torres
Published:  December 17, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Winter is the beginning of the Mystic Mountain series, and I’m hooked from this first story.  There is a slight connection to the Sylvan City Alphas series, very slight, but enough that I hope to see familiar-ish faces in this new series.  It’s also a bit of a Seasoned Romance as Celeste has grown children now off on their way to college – Aaron, as a shifter, well I always think of shifters as older than they appear.

What you truly need to know up front is in the Cover Description.  I loved Aaron’s and Celeste’s romance, one that really began years ago yet each was hesitant to change that friendship to maybe more because of a natural fear of losing a cherished friend.  But the love for each other has been there for a very long time, unspoken perhaps, but there.  Aaron has a bit more to fear since he’s aware of facts that Celeste is not – aside from his bear.  Their discovery of each other’s love was delightfully charming to read and brought more than a few smiles to my face.  Of course, there is sizzling chemistry, some very steamy moments I expect no less from Ms. Torres and their love for each other all falls together so easily, for the most part.

Winter is the story of true love coming home for good, for two people who have always been half of a whole to finally acknowledge that rightness between them.  There are many secondary characters that I really want to know more about.  I adored Wren and I hope she makes more appearances in this series.  This was a great introduction to a new series, one that I’ll be following as I can’t wait for a return to Mystic Mountain.

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