Wolf at the Door by Nicole Morgan

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Nikko Farkas was despondent after the death of his mother, the strongest person he ever knew. After weeks of wallowing in his grief, he finally picks himself up and sets off to track down his cousin, Gerri Wilder. His mother’s one wish, whispered to him in her last breath was that he finally slow down and find a mate. He knew if anyone could help him keep that promise it would be his match making cousin, Gerri. 

Natalie Renquist had just gone on her last date, with the last man she would ever allow into her life. She’d spent months going on dates with men that the Paranormal Dating Agency had matched her up with and each and every one of them were worse than the last. Resigning herself to buy a house cat, or two, she would stock up on Rocky Road ice cream and forget about her pursuit for happiness all together. 

When Nikko gets matched with Natalie, he is entranced by the gleam in her eye. Excited to actually court a woman instead of finding his usual hookup to find release, he is not prepared for the rejection she sends his way. Never being one to give up, he ups his game and pursues her relentlessly. But when Natalie complains to PDA about his advances he becomes furious with her for labeling him the way that she has. Though try as he might, he cannot get her out of his mind. And much to Natalie’s dismay, she begins thinking of him as well. Dreaming of him, and longing for him. 

Will Gerri be able to match the two most stubborn clients she’s ever had? Or will the successful and tenacious fireball of a matchmaker finally get through them? 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

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Title:  Wolf at the Door
Series:  Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle Worlds
Author:  Nicole Morgan
Published:  September 4, 2017
My Rating:  3 stars

The prologue of Wolf at the Door with Nikko and his mother were tender, got me misty eyed and held out hope for a good story.  At that point I overlooked the either typos or the wrong word used in several places.  I usually concentrate on the story rather than things that may be beyond the author’s control.  Yet, I have to admit that the prologue of this romance was the only part that got much of a reaction from me… and I am sorry to say that.

There was very little about Natalie that I liked.  Because of that I had no investment of a happy ending for her.  There is rude or snarky and then there is obnoxious.  I’ll leave it up to your own reading of this story to see how she comes off to you.  And then after an argument seems to be resolved the story just… ends.  No love spoken, no mates acknowledged, just ends.  There is an audience for this story and this author, but it’s not for me.  This is a time when the cover drew me in but the story did not. I’m not a writer, I can only react to what is laid out for me on my Kindle and I didn’t find an ending here just a sudden stop.  Not every reader is going to love every book, that’s just common sense.  So while Wolf at the Door was not a story for me that does not mean that you wouldn’t love it to pieces.  That’s okay, we’re both allowed our opinions – so pick this story up and read it for yourself for your own reaction.  Don’t take any reviewer’s word on any book.  Yeah, I really said that.   I’m going to call this a “good book” rating because I believe some readers will enjoy this one and leave it at that.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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