Wrangled Fate by Cecilia Lane

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Desperate to find her missing brother, Tansey Nichols journeys to Montana’s Black Claw Ranch. She intends to question the owner, Ethan Ashford. Ethan’s her last hope, but the tall, rugged bear shifter claims he doesn’t know her brother. Never met him. Tansey’s sure the smooth-talking cowboy knows more than he’s letting on.

Good thing she brought a gun.

Ethan’s sultry smile suggests he’s imagining a hundred dirty things. He’s amused by her gun, not at all concerned. If the handsome cowboy wants to pretend he can’t recall seeing her brother, she’ll fire off a round or two. A teensy bit of gunfire might jog his memory. He doesn’t think she means business? Her brother’s life is in danger.

She’ll show him business.

The little whiskey-eyed spitfire pulls the trigger…

Good thing she misses his boots by a country mile. Ethan had been having fun until that point, teasing her a little, trying to get to know her. But Tansey isn’t interested in flirting. Most women think he’s hot. Not this one. Tansey has questions and she demands answers.

First off, her little, girly pistol has got to go. Her next shot might scuff his best boots. One quick move and she’s his. The curvy girl is no match for his brute strength. Of course, she’s mad as hell. He’s got her wrapped up in a tight hold, keeping her prisoner. She’ll need to stay put because he has a few questions of his own.

Ethan’s shifter instincts warn him Tansey’s a terrible danger to the delicate balance he maintains with his shifter side. She squirms, fighting him hard. His bear stirs and snarls. Her lush curves and the honeyed scent of her silken skin confirm exactly what he suspects.

This little spitfire is his mate.

Then gunshots ring across the Montana range. Ethan knows Tansey’s been set up.

The danger to his feisty, fated mate is closing in…

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – in other words, there’s going to be sex involved in this story – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Black Claw Ranch series include:  Wrangled Fate – Spurred Fate –

Title:  Wrangled Fate
Series:  Black Claw Ranch #1
Author:  Cecilia Lane
Published:  November 7, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Wrangled Fate is intense.  Very Intense.  It’s the opening story in the Black Claws Ranch series, and it will grab your attention from the very start.  Since that cover description blurb tells you all you could possibly need to know before picking up this story, I’ll head on to other things.  Like one bear shifter who is doing his best to hold his territory, his property and his clan together.  And one desperate woman searching for her missing, just turned brother.  Ethan and Tansey strike sparks off of each other from the start but for differing reasons.  Ethan recognizes his mate, even if he isn’t in a place where he could take on a mate.  Tansey is convinced that Ethan is hiding, harmed, killed her brother and she’s out for answers and blood… his choice which comes first.

Although I liked and enjoyed the dynamics and the banter between Tansey and Ethan, it was also very difficult for me to warm up to Tansey.  I adore a strong, determined heroine… but then there’s just rude, nasty and spoiled by getting their own way all the time.  Tansey often says in this story that she pushes men away… and, yeah, I’d be running at some of her accusations and downright nastiness.  As the story went on, as facts became clearer I warmed up to her… but she’ll never be my favorite heroine.  Ethan is just pure delicious.  Strong, stubborn and vulnerable at times.  He has a lot on his plate naturally while Tansey and her troubles have just made that pile a lot bigger.

A bad blood feud, danger, betrayal, mistrust and misunderstandings fly throughout Wrangled Fate.  It is an intense beginning to the series, but it’s also a very entertaining look at this clan and hints of what may come our way.  I enjoyed this story very much, even if I couldn’t get close to Tansey.  I’m looking forward to where this series leads us, and would recommend it to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader.

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